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How to Live to 109: Stop Worrying

By Nicola Harley / The Telegraph

A great-grandfather who has just celebrated his 109th birthday says the secret to a long life is to not worry about anything.

George Higgs was born on New Year's Day in 1907 when King Edward VII was still on the throne.

He was just seven-years-old when World War One broke out and was only 32 by the time World War Two came around.

"The secret to a long life is not to worry about anything. Just get on with it."

The dad-of-one, who has two great grandsons who live in America, said: "I don't feel so bad. At 109 I didn't expect to feel this good."

His new partner Stella Fawcett, 92, who helped celebrate the big day, added: "I've been with George for 15 years, I'm his toy girl.

"I think he's wonderful and I wouldn't swap him for the world."

George worked as a manager at an engineering company in Loughborough after World War Two before retiring in 1973.

Speaking about World War One, the centurion, who now has 10 birthday cards from the Queen, said: "I remember it well.

"I was seven-years-old and then I was 32 when the Second World War came around."

Vicky Lyons, senior nurse at George Hythe House, added: "He's a lovely chap. He's very with it for his age.

"He's a popular man and got lots of friends.

"We threw a bit of a party for him with a cake and there's another card from the Queen, he's got quite a few now.

"He's building a bit of a collection."


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