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5 Simple Steps for Creating Powerful Affirmations

So if you'd like to follow the footsteps of some of the most successful people in the world... Then follow these 5 simple tips to create powerful affirmations, and start manifesting your dreams right away! [Read more...]

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The Man Who Talked to Plants

Backster concluded that plants had some heretofore undiscovered sense that could detect and respond to human thoughts and emotions. When he publicized his findings, the so-called Backster effect became a pop-culture hit. There was a TV program hosted by Leonard Nimoy and a best-selling book, The Secret Life of Plants, inspired by Backster's research. Backster was interviewed by Johnny Carson, Art Linkletter, Merv Griffin and David Frost. Even Backster's old employers at the C.I.A. investigated the possibility of human-plant communication. [Read more...]


Hypnosis is the Celebrity Secret to, Well, Everything...

From morning sickness (Kate Middleton) to confidence boosting (Reese Witherspoon), it seems that every A-lister worth his/her Walk Of Fame gold star have all turned to the power of hypnosis to look and feel better. [Read more...]


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Video: Monty Python on Life, the Universe, and Everything

Absolutely brilliant, must-watch comic genius! Here is Eric Idle’s “The Galaxy Song” from the 1983 Monty Python film, Monty Python’s The Meaning of Life. Life’s too short to take things seriously! [Read more...]



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