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How to Live a Great Life with No Money
One night in Bangkok I walked to dinner. On my way to dinner a man without legs was dragging himself down the block. By the time I had walked several blocks to my dinner, ate (too much, like a fat pig), and returned home, the man had made it another block. That's poor.

The Secret to Longevity May Be Lying About Your Age
We can look to the life of Jeanne Louise Calment -- the Frenchwoman famous for surviving some 122 years until she passed away in 1997 -- for French-y lifestyle tips about enduring to a ripe old age...

5 Science Experiments That Show Consciousness Permeates Our Universe
While most teachers within the world's religions would disagree to the specific answers to these questions, there is a reoccuring theme that presents itself -- our universe is not simply a colliding ground of 'dead' matter and scientific chance, but rather it is a vast, interconnected ocean of intelligence.

The Science of Happiness: 20 Things You Can Do To Change Your Life
In his recent book, When Likes Aren't Enough: A Crash Course in the Science of Happiness, Bono explores how the often overlooked details of day-to-day life can have a sizeable influence on our personal sense of well-being and happiness.

50 Alan Watts Quotes to Give You a Glimpse of Enlightenment
Capable of bridging the gap between Eastern and Western cultures better than few before him, Alan Watts could distill lifetimes of wisdom into approachable, digestible lectures. He could venture deep into the caverns of consciousness and emerge with emeralds of wisdom.

Psychedelics vs. Depression
Recent large studies, using psychedelics such as psilocybin mushrooms, have shown that a single moderate dose of these substances can significantly reduce depression scores in patients with treatment-resistant depression. The antidepressant effect of psychedelics also last much longer than typical treatments.

Could Drugs Be a Pathway to God?
Indeed, Mr. Pollan sees the experiences that these drugs produce as blurring the line between science and spirituality because, as he sees it, they frequently result in mystical experiences "just like those produced in religious practices."

Enlightenment's Evil Twin: The Pit of the Void
Because, as Buddhist teachers and teachers from many other contemplative traditions have long argued, on close investigation there doesn't appear to be any deeper "you" in there running the show. "You" are just a flimsy identification process, built on the fly by your grasping mind...

How to Wake Up More Powerful!

Sleep Programming


Unlightenment: The Power of Not Taking Yourself Too Seriously

It turns out that enlightenment is just having a really good sense of humor. We are all merely punchlines to a terribly funny cosmic joke.

How To Slow Down Time and Live Longer
Because somehow, I seem to have stumbled upon a workaround to the problem of life being too short, and instead I find myself existing in a different universe of Vampire-like perpetual renewal and the feeling of youth. While other parents of almost-thirteen-year-olds claim the time has gone by in a flash, I feel I've had my own son for at least 30 years.

Strange and Beautiful Stories of Near-Death Experiences
As the writer of The Five People You Meet in Heaven, I have heard a great deal of stories about the afterlife. And with that book's sequel, The Next Person You Meet in Heaven, now published, I am hearing them again.

How to Train Your Brain to Make Your Dreams Come True
Through in-depth research, and putting everything I've learned through the filters of neuroscience and psychiatry, I have discovered a new science of brain optimisation called The Source. It combines a long-standing understanding of the brain, updated with cutting-edge cognitive science, overlayed with a healthy measure of spirituality.

In Defense of Laziness
I divide my officers into four groups. There are clever, diligent, stupid, and lazy officers. Usually two characteristics are combined. Some are clever and diligent -- their place is the General Staff. The next lot are stupid and lazy -- they make up 90 percent of every army and are suited to routine duties.

The 5 x 55 Method For Easy Manifestation
I'd like to show you a method for manifestation that's close to my heart. I've been using this approach for several years and it works like magic. It's simple to do, it is specific and I invite you to try it as soon as you finish this article.

How to Influence Slot Machines with Your Mind
If you were told that you could use your mind to influence a slot machine or dice fall... would you find this beyond belief? If you were told that you could use your mind in a telepathic manner to influence the thinking pattern of another individual or group of people... would you believe it?



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The Ten Layers of Absolute Freedom
In 1994, 2001, 2005, 2008, and 2010 I was so angry and scared I didn't know what to do. I thought I had to have a purpose, a goal. But this is BS. There is only ONE purpose: TO BE FREE.

Scientists Have Created Mind-Controlled Rat Cyborgs
A team in China figured out a way to take control of a rat and "steer" it through a maze with their thoughts.

Life Is A Cosmic Joke
When one becomes enlightened, laughter is almost a natural by-product; spontaneously it comes, for the simple reason that we have been searching and searching our lives for something which was already there inside. Our whole effort was ridiculous! Our whole effort was absurd. One laughs at the great cosmic joke.

CIA Documents Prove Psychic Powers Are Real
The CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) just released some of its most TOP SECRET, highly classified information about their deep research into psychoenergetic science.

Money Is Not The Root Of All Evil. Money Is The Route To All Freedom.
The selfish pursuit of money is a hollow goal, but the pursuit of the goodness that money can create is one of humanity's greatest responsibilities.

MindTrip MagazineThe Unofficial Sequel to 'The Secret' -- Watch Free!

You've probably seen 'The Secret'. Now it's time for you to watch the unofficial sequel... The Manifesting Movie This shocking documentary reveals the incredible science behind the Law of Attraction. It also unveils a simple 5-step manifesting technique to instantly unlock the things you want in life. Here's Your Free VIP Pass...

------Most Popular Videos of 2019-----

Your Brain Hallucinates Your Conscious Reality
Right now, billions of neurons in your brain are working together to generate a conscious experience — and not just any conscious experience, your experience of the world around you and of yourself within it. How does this happen? According to neuroscientist Anil Seth, we’re all hallucinating all the time; when we agree about our hallucinations, we call it “reality.”

You Are the Universe, by Alan Watts
More brilliance from Alan Watts, a British philosopher, writer, and speaker. He wrote more than 25 books and numerous articles on subjects such as personal identity, the true nature of reality, higher consciousness, and the meaning of life.

Feeling Depressed? Check this out…
If you missed our first attempt to cheer you up (or if it didn’t work), here’s more ridiculous insanity to make you grin and give life another chance…

6 Mind Expanding Movies That Will Make You Question Reality
Some movies are made to touch our heart and soul with an overabundance of sentiment. They make us come in touch with our humanity and empathy. And some films are made to touch our mind, to get our mental cogs working, to awaken and expand our consciousness. They are films that deal with questions that we are all too eager and too afraid to ponder. It is those films that signal our awakening, and that push us into seeing life and our existence differently.

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Can A Brainwave Shot Transform Your Life?

Can you imagine being able to listen to a 15-minute MP3 to turn on any mind state you want. For example, want to experience razor sharp focus? Just listen to an audio. Want to feel happier? Listen to that audio. More brain power? Pop in that audio. That's what a new “brainwave entrainment” site claims you’ll be able to do.

Brainwave Shot

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