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7 'Healthy' Foods That Are Killing You

Source: The Salvation Diet

Diseases related to unhealthy eating and physical inactivity account for more than 50% of all deaths in America each year!

And the worst part is that many of these people think they’re eating a healthy diet. Below are 7 examples of food that might sound like smart choices but are actually terrible for your body.

“Fat-free” Foods

Fat free is a label that corporations have created that people somehow associate with being healthy. But what does it even mean? First of all, humans need healthy fats as part of a balanced diet. And the fat content of a food item says nothing about how much sodium it contains, how many calories it has, or what other bad ingredients are hidden in it. Chances are if it says “fat free” on the label- or if it has a label period- you probably shouldn’t eat it. Stick to real, whole foods instead.

“Natural” foods

Most people think natural means healthy, but that’s not always the case. Take sugar for example. Many labels boast “contains real cane sugar!” and people think that means it’s good for you. But they don’t realize that our bodies aren’t designed to consume added sweeteners whether they’re natural or not! Corn and fruit are two more examples of foods that are found in nature but are bad if you eat too much (like almost all Americans do!).

Diet sodas

There are countless sodas and energy drinks that advertise “diet”, “sugar free”, and “zero calories”. While these might sound like good choices, the drinks are often bursting with artificial sweeteners hundreds of times sweeter than sugar. Evidence suggests there may be a correlation with increased risk of cancer, and studies show that sweeteners are in some cases more addicting than cocaine which explains the meteoric rise of obesity in America!

“Healthy” Fast food

Busy people who have to grab a quick bite during lunch or eat in the car fall for the trap of choosing “healthy” options at fast food restaurants. Even low-calorie choices at many of your favorite chain restaurants will fall into this category. While a green salad might look healthy, they’re
often heavy on the nutritionally empty lettuce while light on the veggies, and too-much dressing will hide enormous amounts of calories and artificial sweeteners which are terrible for you.

Fruit Juices

Commercials have convinced many Americans that the healthy way to start the day is with a big bowl of a wholegrain cereal and a tall glass of orange juice. 100% real juice is a great source of vitamins, and everyone knows that you need 5-7 servings of fruit per day, right?! Actually no. Fruit contains an enormous amount of fructose, and when you drink juice it’s like a huge dose of pure sugar right into your bloodstream. Stick to water and tea instead.


As America became obsessed with “fat-free”, companies scrambled to jump on the trend and produce fat-free foods. The problem is that without this critical component food tastes terrible! So what did they do? Load up the food with high fructose corny syrup and other artificial sweeteners. The fact is, whether it’s high fructose corn syrup, organic sugar, natural honey, or anything else, our bodies simply don’t need the added addictive taste of sweetness.

Vegetable Oils

Processed oils are used in cooking and appear in many different foods. While they’re high in Omega-6 fatty acids, they lack Omega-3’s which is what we really need. And recent studies have found a correlation between too much Omega-6 and heart disease. It’s also a huge cause of inflammation which results in a variety of health problems. A far better choice is olive oil, or better yet is coconut oil.

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