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7 Affirmations that Attract Abundance
and Get You into the Vortex

By Andrea Conway
Attraction Marketing and Coaching

With enormous appreciation for Abraham Hicks and their latest book, Getting Into the Vortex, and for my Law of Attraction coaching clients, Inner Circle members, and students: you consistently inspire me to discover and express more of who I really am.

I wish you great success with these 7 Affirmations…

1. I am feeling my financial well being now.

This one works like a charm to attract abundance, whether you have lots of physical world evidence of your abundance right now – or not! If you really can’t feel any, try this version: I am ready to feel my financial well being now.

2. The universe knows and responds to the whole of me.

It is fully aware of all that I have ever desired and has assembled all components in the Vortex. It is done!

MindTrip Magazine3. I am relaxing my way into receiving my well-being.

After you have worked and worked (and you have), it is time to stop, let go, and receive. Most of us have forgotten how to let go – we feel guilty when we relax. Allowing ourselves to receive relaxation opens us to receive abundant well being in all ways. As a Law of Attraction coach, when I convey this message to a new client, so they will really relax and attract abundance, I know the person is about to experience major shifts into well being.

4. I notice the small signs of good each day, and I remember to savor them.

A hug from your child, something delicious to eat, a walk in the park on a sunny day – appreciate these because their occurrence allows you to get into the Vortex automatically. And your focus on appreciation brings you more to appreciate. Abraham says everyone has Vortex moments throughout the day, but few of us perceive them. Become an appreciator of your life, and you will be a match to your Vortex.

5. I am willing to release angst and fear – and trust the universe.

We are not required to have total faith in order to receive. Thank goodness! All we need is to be willing – the universe does the rest. Emmet Fox said: The will to faith is the same as having faith. This is good news.

6. The universe has already lined everything up for me.

When we ask it is answered, immediately. Therefore this statement must be true. Repeating it helps your mind begin to accept it, so you can more easily receive what you’ve been asking for.

7. I release mental stress and ask spirit to work through me for the good of all.

Certainly there is a right time in business for planning and executing those plans. But every action you take in business is more effective when you first remember to ask spirit to work through you. We are all ONE being, and the universe is set up for the good and success of all. Know that your work is essential to the divine plan (it is – or you would not have been inspired to do it). Become a conscious and cooperative partner with spirit – ask to feel this connection before you take action. Then you are working from your spiritual alignment. You are working from inside your Vortex.

“One person aligned with the universe is more powerful than a million who are not.” – Abraham as translated by Esther Hicks.


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