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"Everything I Have I Owe to Alternate Universes"

By Burt Goldman / Creator of
Quantum Jumping 101

I'm 81 years old, and in many ways, I'm just like any other person my age — I relish peace and quiet, I like spending time with my grandchildren, and I enjoy nothing more than sitting down to a good book.

I think it's fair to say I've gone past my physical prime. No surprises there. But in the past few years, I've accomplished a variety of things that even I can't wrap my head around. A handful of them include:

  • Took up painting just before I turned 80—and my artwork hangs in a museum to prove it.
  • With no knowledge of photography, got my photographs into the International Photography Hall of Fame in Oklahoma City.
  • Out of nowhere, found the inspiration to write multiple novels—including my first Western.
  • Started a million-dollar online business.

In the space of just a few years, how on earth did a normal American senior citizen like myself accomplish not one, but multiple goals that some people spend their entire lives chasing?

Sounds Crazy, I Know -- But It Works!

What would you say if I told you (in all seriousness) that the keys to everything you've ever wanted in life — success, talent, wealth, health, happiness, beach houses — lie hidden in alternate versions of the universe we live in?

Chances are you'll either slowly back up and RUN, or look at me like I've gone bananas – neither of which I would blame you for at this point.

But I'm getting to something big here, so humour me for just a few moments. Whether you believe alternate universes exist or otherwise, just imagine for argument's sake that they do. And that within these universes, alternate versions of yourself are living out their lives, just as you are.

But since they're in alternate universes, they made different choices in life and have different experiences and skills—they'll be anything from CEOs, rock stars, farmers, office workers, janitors, to any other profession or lifestyle you can think of. Is that easy enough to picture? Good…

We're Still Waiting For Flying Cars, But Sci-Fi Films Predicted Something Right… And that's the reality-defying act of jumping into alternate universes.

You heard me right, I'm not joking, and it's not a metaphor for something else — I've spent 31 years researching fields like hypnosis, yoga, psychology, and remote viewing, to name a few.

I've experimented, tweaked, and waited for the corresponding scientific evidence to back up my claims. And I'm finally prepared to show you the powerful technique I've discovered, that through a combination of cutting-edge mental methodologies allows anyone to instantly visit alternate universes, and communicate with alternate versions of themselves.

It's the technique that has served as the backbone of all my life's accomplishments, changed the lives of my students for the better, and will now do the same for you. Why? Well think about it. Imagine getting the chance to talk to your alternate selves—versions of you who've made different sets of choices and decisions in life. Think of how you could benefit from all their experiences, learn their skills and make better decisions.

I see it as discovering your true potential. A potential you could never possibly have achieved, had you not got in touch with the Universal You — the You that you were always meant to be.

The Smarter You. The Richer You. The Healthier You.

Thankfully, you don't need to be a mad scientist to master Quantum Jumping. All you need is an open mind, and the willingness to learn. Once I've shown you how, you'll be able to use the untapped power of your mind to 'jump' into alternate universes, and visit alternate versions of yourself who already have all the skills, knowledge and experience you desire.

The smarter you. The richer you. The healthier you. The sexier you. They're all out there, and all you need to do is talk to them. Sounds crazy, I know, but it works.


Quantum Jumping 101The Smarter You. The Richer You.
The Healthier You.

Learn more here: Quantum Jumping --
The Inter-Dimensional Quest For A Better You


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