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How to Manifest Amazing Relationships

By Jafree Oswald and Margot Zaher
Creators of
The Manifesting Super Gold Pack

Relationships are the playground on which we get to swing, and explore every aspect of our being. Without relationships you would discover very little about who you are, and experience a small amount of growth and evolution in your life.

The relationships or lack of relationships that you have in your life are an exquisite reflection of what's happening within you right now. They are not a problem to overcome, but rather something to enjoy!

The people you relate with on a daily basis are a flawless mirror that enables you to see who you truly are, and how you can express yourself more lovingly. They are some of the best vehicles for increasing your manifesting vibration.

Manifesting an amazing relationship with someone starts with a gentle focusing on what you appreciate, love, respect, and accept about that person.

Whatever you put your attention on expands and grows, so why not look for what is sweet rather than sour? If you find that you have a bitter relationship with someone, you have been spending time thinking about what you don't like, love, or appreciate about them.

If you can keep your attention upon that which is pleasurable, enjoyable, positive, lovable, and uplifting about someone, your energetic state, manifesting vibration, and overall positive mood will increase, thus causing them to contagiously open up and shift in a way that they are most needing.

If you cannot find ANYTHING you like about someone, you are not being curious. The truth is that you can't know all dimensions of someone, and "figure" them out in even a thousand lifetimes.

The "good" that you are not seeing is hidden behind your judgmental mind. This person is a divine being of the Universe. Investigate where you are judging them as being wrong, stupid, or lacking in some way, and realize that this small part of "them" that you are focusing on is also inside YOU!

Creating the ultimate connection with someone takes being completely willing and open to be fully felt, heard and seen. By being vulnerable, totally defenseless, and deeply receptive, you can explore your innermost essence and experience profound states of intimacy with the Divine.

You already have the power to transform your most difficult relationships into empowering, supportive, and unconditionally loving connections. How do you think you would feel differently about your life if it included more amazing relationships? Here is your manifesting exercise for creating an amazing relationship...enjoy!

"Everything and everyone around you is your teacher." Ken Keyes, Jr.

Your Manifesting Homework Assignment:

1. Make a list of what qualities you appreciate about this person. Everybody has some great qualities no matter who they are. What do you truly appreciate about them? Let go of how you would like them to be different, and see how your life is enriched by their presence. Look at all the little things you appreciate about them. How do you enjoy the way they treat you? What do you appreciate about what they have said to you? Remember to look ONLY at what you appreciate or love about them. Whatever you focus upon, grows! Spend 5 minutes a day creating your list, focusing on the list, adding one more quality to this list, and appreciating this person's qualities.

2. Assume that this person has already shifted their behavior. Each time you interact with them, speak with them AS IF they were already this new person that you love. For instance, you may think and state thoughts such as:
- “Thank you so much for being honest with me",
- "I can feel that you love me unconditionally",
- "I trust you. I know I can count on you”,
- “Thanks for being so awesome at doing XYZ.”

"If you were going to die soon and had only one phone call you could make, who would you call and what would you say? And why are you waiting?" ~Stephen Levine


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