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The 7 Ancient Secrets for Perfect Health

By Kacper Postawski
Creator of
The 7 Ancient Health Secrets

As I write this, there are hundreds of thousands of people very ill around the world. Thousands are dying from diseases which experts tell them are "irreversible." Statistically, one out of three Americans now get Cancer. That's staggering. Every year there are more and more drugs available to "treat" these problems yet people keep on dying and no-one is getting healed.

And yet... as I write this... There is another group of people, one which you won't read about in the papers, won't see trumpeted on the media or backed by pharmaceutical corporations. This group of people is thriving with health and energy. Their bodies are vibrating with life, and they never get sick or worry about illness ever again. In fact, most of these people age at a drastically slower rate.

This group of people is also growing by the thousands every day; it is a wave of awareness that is spreading across the globe. The good news is you can join this group of people very easily, by following the powerful principles and clarity you'll get from this information, like I once did.

What's the main difference between those two groups?

The first group follows the SAD system. Appropriately named, the acronym stands for the Standard American Diet.

The second group knows about, either conscious or unconsciously, and follows the Living Vibration system.

The Living Vibration System

What is the Living Vibration system? It's not some new fad diet, or the latest scientific discovery, it is an understanding, a secret philosophy of health that is hundreds of years old, that has been lost and forgotten by the bulk of today's society.

The simple fact is that today we live in a world where 95% of the information trumpeted through the media, or by "experts" whom we give authority over to, is simply not true, especially in the area of Health.

When you understand this core philosophy, and allow it to penetrate deeply into
your life, you will unlock the secret to unlimited health and energy, and you'll
never have to worry about your body breaking down again.

Click here to watch a free video which explains the
3 Core Principles of the Living Vibration Method

Freedom From Fear

I'm not sure where you are in your life. Personally I've spent many years in this
area, trying to figure out how my body really works. When I finally began to put
the pieces of the puzzle together, all of this started to make sense; I remember
the first time when I really began to feel the energetic differences in my body. I
was bouncing off the walls.

I've never really been seriously ill, as I am still young, however many members
of my family have been, and I have lost a couple to Cancer.

Maybe you know some of these things already; perhaps they are new to you.
What I want to communicate most of all to you in this chapter is this:

You are free. Your health is in your hands. The only requirement is that you have a human body. If you are human and are reading or watching this right now, then this qualifies you for unlimited health and abundance. Your body is truly a miracle and will do all the healing for you, once it is properly understood.

Today we live in a world that is flooded with misinformation about health. A
world where we are taught to FEAR our bodies and mistrust them.

We are taught that our bodies are fragile; that we have to be "careful" or we
might get some virus or bug that will attack us. We're taught we need drugs and
pills to get better, and that the only people that understand our bodies are
doctors and experts. We're taught to hand over our power to other people.
We're taught that the older you get, the more shriveled your body become, your
hair turns gray and you must accept pain and the breaking down of the body as
a "natural" process.

This couldn't be further from the truth!

A friend of mine once told me a story that once opened my mind up. It was a
wake up call as to how deeply all this non-sense had been programmed into my

My friend was at a health seminar in which the presenter asked everyone to
close his or her eyes. He then instructed everyone to "imagine an 75 year old
man, and describe him". Everyone began describing a gray haired man, hunched
over, with a cane, etc. Everyone was then told to open their eyes.

In front of them was a lean, muscular man with a full head of brown hair. A guy
you could easily stick on the front cover of Men's Health Magazine.

"This is Steven, he's 75 years old, he can bench-press 200 lb." Everyone was

I hardly believed it at the time, however, since then I've met numerous people in
that age category who have been following these things a good part of their life,
and they don't look like at all like what I've been made to believe old age is
suppose to look like.

The main example being my own mother, who is now getting close to 50, yet she
looks not over 30 - when we are out together sometimes people mistake her for
my sister.

This isn't because these people are superhuman, they just know, understand,
and use these 3 principles we've talked about in their life.

Now... I know this might be a lot to take in at once.

Perhaps like me, you're just anxious to dive into this full throttle.

Perhaps you are a bit concerned whether this is for you, whether you can do it.

Perhaps you might be feeling some resistance to this because it seems like it
requires "changing" too many things in your life or like this is just another "fad
diet" or something.

If so, I've got good news for you.

This stuff is addictive. :-)

You don't have to turn your whole life upside down to get amazing results; it's
EASY to start using this...

When you just apply the first step you will begin to FEEL better right away, in fact, as you do it more, you may begin to feel better than you've EVER felt before. Its almost impossible not to.

This one little step takes only 5 minutes to do every-day, and will begin to infuse
your body with living enzymes, living vibration and a flood of nutrients, minerals,
and living vitamins.

When this happens, you simply begin to get "addicted" to feeling great, and slowly are more and more motivated to live this way.

What I've come to realize is that it's IMPOSSIBLE to get to health by trying to
resist your present addictions. If you're in love with eating meat, pizza, and
beer, giving that life-style up cold turkey will only work for a few days, or weeks
before the habit slingshots back into your life.

Human beings are creatures of habit. In other words, we're all junkies.

Addicted to living life and patterns a certain way every day. That's just our

So instead of fighting an inner battle with yourself, why not just effortlessly
develop a new addiction to incredible health?

This is done by introducing these steps, one step at a time, little by little, into
your daily routine. It's easy, fun, and the effects are very powerful.

It's hard to describe this process, what happens as you apply this into your life is
a deep mental, physical, and spiritual transformation. Little by little you feel
better and better, your life begins to change for the better in all areas, because
everything is connected. And as that begins to change, it's easier and easier
to bring these elements into your life on a bigger scale.

So you don't have to worry about giving up foods you love, or old habits, you'll
find that slowly over time, as you apply these things, those negative habits will
develop into positive, health affirming ones. You and your body will lose interest in old habits as they wither away and fall off like old leaves do off a tree, and you'll be drawn to a higher frequency of life. A life of power, health, and love.

Learn more about the 7 Ancient Health Secrets here...

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