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Anti-Aging Powers of Qigong

By A. Thomas Perhacs,
Creator of
Chi Power Training
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Chinese scientists have conducted research on the medical benefits of Qigong since the early 1980's.

Since then various studies have proven that it has hundreds of medical applications and this was recorded in Chinese literature. One interesting clinical report is associated with its anti aging benefits.

Scientists claim that Qigong can delay and undo various diseases related to aging. Moreover, the result of internal Qigong exercise can balance the energies of the organs and other body functions.

The Electroacupuncture According to Voll (EAV) is a procedure that can calculate the electrical conductance of the skin. Through EAV, which is done by using a low current, scientists were able to determine a person's acupuncture points and determine if there is organ degeneration.

Organ deterioration is diagnosed if there is an "indicator drop" as evidenced by a noticeable maximum value of conductance but suddenly it decreases before stabilizing. Qigong practitioners do not manifest indicator drops.

Anti-aging benefits of Qigong is further established by the clinical study of Xu Hefen, a Chinese physician who was able to prove that Qigong exercises can increase the activity of the anti-aging hormone Super Dismutase or SOD. This hormone destroys free radicals which causes aging.

In addition, the research also proved that Qigong exercises can increase the body's metabolism, promote good circulation and regulate the movement of Chi and blood which results to prevention and treatment of degenerative diseases as well as promoting longer life span.

Qigong can complement Western medicine in numerous ways to offer an improved healthcare for everyone. In fact, there are lots of conditions that can greatly benefit from combining Qigong and Western treatment such as are hypertension, cardiovascular disease, neuromuscular problems, aging, asthma, allergies, and even cancer.

These various researches aimed to prove the ability of Qigong exercises to repair body injuries and restore normal body functions in individuals who have chronic debilitating diseases that can also speed up the aging process.

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