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How to Be Anywhere in the Universe

By Michael Jura / Source: One Universal Mind

What happens to space/time?

According to the non-locality (bridging of space/time: Space and time does not really exist at the level of particles) principle of quantum physics that was proven experimentally in 1982 by the research team of Alain Aspect working at the Institute of Theoretical and Applied Optics of the university of Paris, France, the inequality of John Bell had been finally violated and the Einstein/Poldowsky/Rosen (E.P.R.) paradox finally solved.

Hence Einstein had been wrong in refuting quantum mechanics principle of non-locality because he had conceptual problems with its extraordinary implications upon our so-called material world and the nature of reality.

To the layman this means that Einstein erred in assuming that speeds faster than light were impossible and/or that space and time did not operate at the quantum level (particle level).

By extension we can say that it seems that our phenomenal world is in reality supported by an indivisible reality, non-local (at that level space does not exist), and non subject to the restrictions of time (time does not seem to have any meaning at that level).

This is equivalent to saying that no element (alive or inanimate) in this universe is separate from another , although at the level of individual perceptions of reality it certainly seems to be so!

This correlates strongly with the Holographic model of the universe that the physicist David Bohm postulated as an explanation for the paradoxes that quantum physics raises.

David Bohm, who was one of the preferred students of Einstein at Princeton University and was part of the ìManhattan projectî ( the development of the American A bomb during WW II), was considered before his death in 1992 as one of the greatest theoretical quantum physicist.

Bohm was puzzled by physical phenomenon such as the Quantum-Tunneling effect which is at the base of the semi-conductor theory and gave us the creation of the transistor, microchips, Josephson junctions in Super-Computers etc... where a particle such as an electron seems to know beforehand if a barrier that it will encounter is strong enough to repulse it back, and if this is not the case, the particle literally vanishes (dematerializes) itself before encountering the obstacle and rematerializes itself on the other side of the barrier.

For Bohm who took his clues from the model of the hologram, if as quantum physics suggests our universe is non-local and infinitely interconnected at some deeper level of reality, instead of viewing a particle as a material object traveling through space, it might be better to view it as something that unfolds out of a deeper level of reality that he coined The Implicate Order: a gigantic multidimensional holographic reality (outside of the realm of space/time) made out of vibratory light carrying information that would encompass the totality of Creation.

This Implicate Order would spread its tentacles to every sentient unit of Creation as it goes through a constant dance of unfolding itself into its mirror image as the Explicate World (i.e the reality perceived by our senses) and projects to each observing individualized piece of consciousness the illusion of a material world out there at the level of conscious awareness.

The implicate order ( let's call it the web of life) is where all possibilities are there and time/space has no meaning.

And the Implicate Order keeps on projecting out onto the consciousnesses witnessing the explicate world what we perceive as reality in a step-by-step fashion.

After each unfolding, there is an enfolding back onto the Implicate Order (while the sentient unit of mind become unconscious again) and the fetching of additional pieces of information that will unfold back holographically to the same unit of consciousness (as that unit becomes aware -- conscious -- again of the next step of the show of Creation).

So that in effect what a unit of consciousness considers a flow of situations is but a succession of discontinuous sensory imagery being projected on-and-off to an entity.

Therefore all an entity is, is a processor of information filtered through his senses that it translates as its reality. And that allows him/her to act upon (co-create) it by choosing the next step.

This would explain the reason, if we accept that reality at the macroscopic level is discontinuous under the illusion of continuity, why in Quantum Physics according to the uncertainty principle only the location of a particle at the microscopic level can at any point be precisely described but that its real trajectory cannot be known and remains ìfuzzyî.

It is the contact with the Higher Self (interfacing with the Implicate Order) that allows one to bridge instantly space/time.

This is why Remote Viewing is only possible and effective when one operates from the perspective of the higher levels of the subconscious mind.

If this level of merger with the higher level of the subconscious mind is not reached, too much static (noise) interferes in the viewing and one might fail while attempting to view a remote site in the present, past or future.

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