How to Become Anyone

Source: How to Become Anyone

Ever heard of the Raikov effect?

In a nutshell, it's a secret mental technique that enables you to step into someone else's shoes.

It's easy to employ, but incredibly powerful.

And once you've "become" that other person, the skills you "borrow" remain with you.

The technique was discovered by Dr Vladimir Raikov in the early 1960s.

Since then, it's been adapted by such well-known personalities as Win Wenger and Paul McKenna under the guise of Borrowed Genius and the Possibility Generator.

Now, for the first time ever, the technique is available in a brand new, easy-to-use package.

Using the latest technology, the Become Anybody technique gives you INSTANT ACCESS to the talents of your favorite genius... at the flick of a switch!

And all you have to do to make the technique work for you -- is listen to the audio.

You'll tune in to the characteristics of the person you want to emulate, whether it's a celebrity, sports star, physicist, sculptor, artist, musician, mathematician, or anything else.

You'll learn how to STEAL the qualities you admire the most... and add them to your own personality!

So if you'd like the business prowess of Richard Branson, the creativity of Da Vinci, the confidence of Brad Pitt, all you have to do is... SWITCH IT ON!

Remember, you can "become" ANYBODY you want to, at ANY TIME you want to.

The more often you use the program, the easier you'll find it to "make the switch."

The Become Anybody technique comes pre-loaded with a bunch of tailor-made applications covering sport, business, confidence and creativity, so you'll NEVER run out of options.

And once you start using the program, you'll discover that there really ISN'T any limit to what you can achieve.

Become AnyoneDo this. Imagine for a moment if you could be anyone, acquire the skills of any person, who would you want to be? What would you want to excel at more than anything else?

Think about that and then click here to learn more about the Secret Method: How to Become Anyone

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