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Become Superhuman in 60 Days

By Dave Asprey / Source: Bulletproof

There's an awesome upswing in the number of movies about upgraded humans. Think of X-men's Wolverine with his upgraded skeleton, Iron Man's nuclear-powered heart, Neo's downloaded martial art skills from The Matrix, and Captain America. Then there's a movie called Limitless about a man who takes a smart drug and ends up ruling the world, but not himself.

There's a scene in Captain America where a physically weak man walks into a chamber, and thanks to the miracle of technology, emerges transformed, and upgraded. We're led to believe it's science fiction, which it is, but it's not that far away from what you can do today.

If you set aside about 60 days and somewhere in the neighborhood of $25,000 (or possibly as little as $8,000), you can upgrade just about every system in your body. You can shed 100 lbs of fat, gain 40 lbs of muscle, significantly upgrade your IQ by about 20 points (depending on lots of variables), improve your memory, reach advanced Zen meditative states that normally take a lifetime to achieve, and rewire your vision and hearing to perform much better than they did.

You can gain conscious control of your autonomous nervous system and control your heart rate getting an enormous energy boost when your breathing, heart, and blood pressure work well together. You can achieve 14 TIMES better cellular energy production. You can have the sex drive of a 20 year old (but I recommend targeting a 30 year old's if you want to get anything done…)

Sure, I'd rather get all this by spending a minute in a chamber with flashing lights and then get an adamantium skeleton upgrade, or maybe even just take the red pill, but those are fantasies (at least for now). What I'm describing above is absolutely NOT a fantasy. We have the technology to do everything on that list, and more.

So why aren't we all walking around in the spandex color of our choice, fighting crime? There are several reasons.

Most of us don't have $25,000 to spend on system upgrades (but many can afford $8,000).

Few of us could fully dedicate 60 days to doing nothing but upgrading ourselves, because we have families and jobs and lives. If you did a full systems upgrade like I describe in only 60 days, it would be the physically and emotionally hardest but most rewarding thing you've ever done, and it would take all of your energy and focus. All you would do is train different systems and sleep. There would be no time for email!

Almost no one knows how to use the $25,000 and 60 days to achieve the most results. (It took me $250k and 15 years to figure it out.)

We believe that to get big results, you need to suffer for long periods of time.

We're afraid of failure. Being upgraded means you don't have the same excuses for failure you accept today.

Overcoming your own mental obstacles is some of the hardest work you can do. It's also the part that is the biggest upgrade results.

Fighting crime is kind of boring, given that most really big crime involves spreadsheets and corporate malfeasance anyway.

So given all of that, what's an aspiring Bulletproof Executive to do?

Stop wasting time.

Do something to improve yourself every single day.

Measure whether what you're doing actually works.

Do the things that have the most impact in the least amount of time.

Prioritize better. Do you need a $2500 vacation, or should you spend $2500 on a week of Brain State Technologies training? Or, buy your own home EEG setup for the same amount?

Spend time with other biohacker friends who share your goals.

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