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Will Smith: How to Bend the Universe to Your Will

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The message in this interview with Will Smith is brilliant. Unfortunately, the audio is a bit rough and it's difficult to hear, so below this video we have transcribed the full text. The video begins with the interviewer asking a question related to the book The Power of Positive Thinking, and then Will Smith takes over with a passionate speech about the power of the human will.


Will Smith: It's interesting – as an actor, I search for the one thing that I connect to with the character. Whether it's, you know... before I play a character I want to build on one thing – what is the one connective idea, that connective tissue between myself and this character that I can have.

And Chris (Chris Gardner, writer of The Pursuit of Happyness) and I were both raised in very spiritual households, and we both believe – whole-heartedly – that our thoughts, our feelings, our dreams, our ideas, are physical in the universe.

That, if we dream something, if we picture something, and we commit ourselves to it, that that is a physical thurst towards realization that we can put into the universe.

That the universe is not a thing that is going to push us around. That the world, and people, and situations are not something that is going to push us around.

That we are going to bend the universe, and command, and demand that the universe become what we want it to be.

And that links back to a very spiritual upbringing. For me it was my mother and grandmother, and... for Chris it was his mother, and there's a term that Chris always uses -- I want to get it right, Chris, you called it, uh – Spiritual Genetics.

That, there is a spirit of a person – and he feels that it was his mother – he has these spiritual genetics that his mother embodied, and that is the idea that was my... the first connective tissue that I connected to with Chris.

And, you know, if there's one thing that people would walk away from this movie with, that would be my deepest hope...

Someone asked me a question – I was in Europe a few weeks ago promoting the movie – and the person asked me what is my preoccupation with happy endings, right?

And I was sort of thrown by that a little bit, you know, am I preoccupied with happy endings? And, the tone was that that was unrealistic, and the question threw me because I feel like “don't we all want to a happy ending?”

Like is anyone sitting out there right now like “damn, I hope I get hit by a car when I go outside. You know life's too good I just want someone to run me the hell over when I go outside!”

I feel like, the first thing – YOU HAVE TO BELIEVE IT. Right? Like, you've got to believe that you can be married happily for 50 years if you ever expect to be married happily for 50 years. Like, you can't talk about how unrealistic it is to be married happily for 50 years and expect it to happen.

It's unrealistic to walk into a room and flip a switch and lights come on... that's unrealistic. Fortunately, Edison didn't think so. It's unrealistic to... (audience member interrupts with some shouting to which Will jokingly responds “Security!”)

It's unrealistic to think that you're going to bend a piece of metal and fly people over an ocean in that metal. That's unrealistic, but fortunately, the Wright brothers and others didn't believe that. And it just seems like such a ridiculous idea to me to embrace the idea that “it's not going to happen,” and “that's not real for that to happen.”

As soon as you say it, now you just made that real, you know? I connect it to... also with racism. People ask me about racism in Hollywood. Why would I acknowledge racism? When you acknowledge the obstacle you actually give it power by the acknowledgement of it.


So I would say that my preoccupation is with the power that we all possess individually, and I refuse to relinquish my power. So my preoccupation with a happy ending is that is our power to believe in that possibility is our power and don't give it away to anybody.

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