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The Top 5 Personal Growth Books from 2018

By Vishen Lakhiani, Author of The Code of the Extraordinary Mind

Every year I read hundreds of books. And I choose my top five in several categories.

Last week I sent out my top 5 for Business and Career. Today, Here are the TOP FIVE personal growth books I read in 2018.

Sharing here so you can discover new books for your upcoming reading list. :-)

In no particular order...

MindTrip MagazineEvolving Ourselves by Juan Enríquez & Steve Gullans

The latest science on human biology that you probably never learned in school — including why Darwin’s evolution theory was incomplete. We, human beings are far more complex and evolving way more rapidly than Darwin would ever have guessed. This book will open your eyes to a whole new way of thinking about biology.


MindTrip MagazineFood : What the Heck Should We Eat by Mark Hyman

Everyone should read this ESPECIALLY if you have kids — to inoculate them against the false advertising of food companies that train us to eat things that help their bottom line but actually screw up our health for good. This book is a manual that everyone should read and these ideas should be integrated into the schooling system.


MindTrip MagazineBody By Science by Doug McGuff & John R. Little

This book is so good I reread it. It’s the best read on exercise, fitness, and strength training out there and it changes the way you think about the gym. If you read this book you’ll understand why I say that running a marathon is bad for your health but running a Spartan race is great. Mindvalley’s new 10X muscle development program coming out in 2019 was built on this research. This book is the bible of exercise.


MindTrip MagazineGame Changers by Dave Asprey

Confession: I’m featured heavily in this book. But it’s not why I recommend it. It’s because it’s a fast-paced manual on how to be your best self. It will teach you countless ways to hack your mind, body, and spirit from the guy who practically coined the term biohacker.


MindTrip MagazineCan’t Hurt Me by David Goggins

This is by far one of the most powerful books of our time on understanding the meaning of suffering and moving beyond it. Written by the extraordinary man, ultramarathoner and former Navy Seal, this book will change the way you think about pain, strength and motivation.

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