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How to Use Mind Power to Create Health, Wealth, Happiness and Success

The Weirdest, Wildest News of 2017!

Conor McGregor Explains How To Manifest and Realize Your Dreams
"You need to appreciate your surroundings and be grateful for it, and that's when good things happen. To have that bitterness and negativity, that's when things go bad. I think the fact that I appreciate everything and that I'm grateful for the things around me, that's why it's going so good for me."

The 40 Day Prosperity Plan
Here is a program for realizing abundant prosperity in your life and affairs. According to the mystical Christian principles, on which this program is based, it takes 40 days for consciousness to realize a truth.

The Success System That Never Fails
To succeed, you have to win over yourself -- this is the greatest battle you can win. Because people who have all the opportunities but weak characters cannot succeed. Trying to win over yourself and eventually achieving this goal builds your character and then you are no longer a slave to the destructive habits that once were your reality.

Can Weird Mind Tricks Help You Win the Lottery?
In this article, you will learn all about the more "alternative" ways to improve your chances at winning the lottery. From the stars in the sky to the dreams you have at night, there are many unconventional ways to attempt to get an edge on the odds.

How to Create a River of Abundance in Your Life Right Now
In this system, the universe acts almost as if it were a conscious dispatcher of resources. This consciousness takes a look at who is allowing resources to flow through them, distributing them and putting them to good use. It then rewards or replenishes that person with more resources, usually much more than what they allow to flow through them.

We Are Living in a Golden Age
Poverty, malnutrition, illiteracy, child labour and infant mortality are falling faster than at any other time in human history. The risk of being caught up in a war, subjected to a dictatorship or of dying in a natural disaster is smaller than ever. The golden age is now.

How 30 Days of Joy Will Change Your Life
Over the next 30 days and in the months that followed, my life and the lives of those around me transformed. I was shocked at how fast it happened. Once I figured out how to harness the neurobiology of joy and apply it in simple ways every day -- my life morphed before my very eyes.

The Miserable Way to Live Forever
It turns out the the Tibetan Yogis taught the British Colonel a secret method that any man (not sure if this will work for women (sorry ladies) can use to not just live longer, but, literally, live FOREVER!

Secrets of an Energy Healing Master
For the past 40 years, she has been relentlessly proclaiming, teaching, and demonstrating that our body is nothing but a collection of energy systems and that there are scientific means to naturally reclaim our health and vitality.

Everything you see is NOT REAL

Imagine if your thoughts could give you more money, more and better sex, more vibrant health, fame and fortune, and anything else you might want in life? It is possible... as a matter of fact it's easy! But first you have to understand and accept the most unbelievable idea that you've ever heard about the world.

Reality Bending Secrets

9 Things You Realize After You Die
One of the main things we're doing on planet earth is trying to remember the things we forgot. But after you die, you realize a bunch of things you didn't know when you were alive.

I Tried Sleeping for Two Hours a Day and Almost Lost My Mind
Surviving on short naps is exhausting, but proponents of polyphasic sleep claim the benefits are huge.

Miraculous Healing Using the Power of the Mind is Possible
After an accident involving a sport utility vehicle during a triathlon, Dispenza is also known as the man who miraculously regrew six shattered vertebrae of his spine by using the innate intelligence of his body -- without the help of conventional medicine.

Secret that forces the universe to give you abundance
Many of you know about the Law of Attraction... But I bet an even greater number of you have tried it without achieving the success you hoped for. Did you ever wonder why it didn't work for you?

6 Mind Expanding Movies That Will Make You Question Reality
They are films that deal with questions that we are all too eager and too afraid to ponder. It is those films that signal our awakening, and that push us into seeing life and our existence differently.

5 Ways to Use the Unbelievable Power of Placebo
No one knows exactly how the placebo effect works, but it does. It harnesses the power of the world's most complex computer -- the human brain -- to make fast, significant changes. And the best bit is that anyone can utilize it.

Life Can Be MagickLife Can Be Magick

Would You Like To Own A Book Of Spells To Bring You All That You Desire? Whether It Be Health, Wealth, Power Or Love You Can Have It All And More. Learn How To Use Witchcraft With Our Bestselling Book By Miranda Oakridge.


Why Money And Sex Will Never Make You Happy
As you can see I truly believe pursuing money and sex for their own sake is not a battle worth fighting. So what is a battle worth fighting? What pursuits will bring you happiness?

What the Russians Discovered about the Brain in 1970
A Russian neuropsychologist called Vladimir Raikov was experimenting with hypnosis on his Moscow students. He stumbled across a certain pattern that, when triggered, would turn unwitting students... into Einstein-level geniuses.

Energy Healing Works, and This Man Will Prove It
Charlie Goldsmith says he can alleviate body pain and allergy symptoms, even cure infections, just by focusing his mind on what ails us. Now comes the hard part: using the scientific method to prove it to the medical mainstream.

How to Use the Power of Numbers to Change Your Life
Your birthdate influences your flow of money. The date of a marriage influences whether it thrives. The numbers corresponding to the letters in your name point to a career path that aligns with your passion. That's numerology. It captures influential properties of numbers that affect your life.

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------Most Popular Videos of 2017-----

The Future of Robot Sex with Robot Wives
In the future, men who cannot find a warm human lover will simply buy a robot wife that will be able to fulfill all of his needs, including sex…

The Past Lives of Children
Children’s Past Lives explores the phenomenon of reincarnation. But far from the usual stereotype of batty older men and women who believe their souls once belonged to famous figures, the people studied here are children.

Get Happy Get Money
The money isn’t the means to the happy life. The happy life is the means to the money.

The Strangest Way to Fix the U.S. Economy
Just repeat for 5 minutes once a day: ‘I am I am I am the resurrection and the life of my finances and the US economy… Now made manifest in my hands and used today.”

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