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The Most Popular Articles of 2017!

12 Stories That Will Make You Believe in the Power of Your Mind to Heal You
My book Mind Over Medicine: Scientific Proof That You Can Heal Yourself is full of data scientifically proving that the mind can heal -- or harm -- the body. But data can be dry, and sometimes what resonates most deeply within our souls are stories. So sit back, grab a cup of tea, and let's have story time..

What Would You Do If You Were God?
In this amazing thought experiment, Alan Watts questions what you might do if you had all of the power of God.

You Don't Need 8 Hours with these Alternative Sleep Cycles
Most people only think that there is one way to sleep: Go to sleep at night for 6-8 hours, wake up in the morning, stay awake for 16-18 hours and then repeat.

The God Switch Hidden Inside Your Mind
As far-out as this sounds, it's actually based on real science. Science that's changing everything doctors, scientists and scholars ever thought they knew about how the Universe works.

The Song That Reduces Anxiety by 65%
Created by Marconi Union, the musicians teamed up with sound therapists to carefully arrange harmonies, rhythms and bass lines, which in turn slow a listener's heart rate and blood pressure, while also lowering stress hormones like cortisol.

The Quest for a Lucid Dream Orgasm
Alfred Kinsey, who was the first scientist to address the phenomenon, found that 22 percent of the more than 7,000 women he surveyed reported "sex dreams with orgasm". Yet, to King's chagrin, sleep orgasms go largely undiscussed.

Your Birth Date Contains the Blueprint of Your Destiny
Did you know that the moment of your birth holds many secrets? In fact, this knowledge was once closely guarded by master astrologers and alchemists of old.

How to Easily Become a Miserable Loser
What I eventually learned is that being miserable is an option. Misery is a choice you make. Nothing more, nothing less. Everyone can be miserable. I can be miserable -- even starting right now. And, believe me, it's very tempting at times.

What the Russians Discovered about the Brain in 1970

MindTrip Magazine

Watch the story of the Raikov Effect here...

Money Is Not The Root Of All Evil. Money Is The Route To All Freedom

In the tenets of the Illuminati, wealth is not simply a means of personal enrichment. Instead, money is a tool that can be used to fulfill each person's duty to the advancement of the human species.

World-Famous Scientist Claims God Created the Universe
"I have concluded that we are in a world made by rules created by an intelligence... To me it is clear that we exist in a plan which is governed by rules that were created, shaped by a universal intelligence and not by chance."

Decode Your Destiny for 2018
You'd be amazed at the shockingly accurate and revealing information that can be deciphered from nothing more than your name and date of birth. Recurring number patterns, deja vu, and even seemingly insignificant coincidences mean far more than what you might think.

Can Women Enlarge Their Breasts With Hypnosis?
A British counselling psychologist who is also a hypnotherapist claims that he can help women enlarge the size of their breast by three cups by hypnotizing them.

How to Fall Asleep In Less Than 30 Seconds
Does it take you a while to fall asleep at night? Do you find your mind dwelling on various thoughts before you're able to finally drift off and relax into sleep? Do you find that you just aren't sleepy enough when it's time for bed?

Ripley's Believe It Or Not Investigates a 5-Time Lottery Winner
Ripley's Believe It Or Not, the famous museum and book of weird, crazy, and unbelievable things and occurrences, came and investigated this lotto genius after his 5th win.

A CIA Self-Help Book: How to Make Friends and Interrogate People
A new guide from some former intelligence agents promises to train you to elicit the truth from 'targets' such as 'the plumber' or your own children.


Turn On Brain Power, Motivation, Energy, And Confidence In Just 15 Minutes

Brainwave Shot

10 Amazing Inventions From Nikola Tesla That Changed the World
Perhaps one of Tesla's most famous inventions deals directly with energy, something that is the talk of many social and political conversations and something that could be free to everyone if we used Nikola Tesla's invention.

How Donald Trump is Champion of The Secret
It is an honor to write this Foreword for his book, Think Like a Champion, because teaching me to think like a champion is the gift Donald has given my wife and me... a gift he shares with the world... a gift more valuable than money.

12 Self-Help Books Each Sign Of The Zodiac Needs To Read
As somebody who's been reading self-help books since the 8th grade and studying astrology for my entire life, I feel particularly qualified to make a few suggestions.

5 True Stories About The Military's Paranormal Research
What if I told you that the Department of Defense and the CIA spent four decades researching extrasensory perception and psychokinesis -- i.e., bending spoons with your mind?

The Miracle Switch Hidden Inside Your Mind

------Most Popular Videos of 2017-----

Conor McGregor: How to Visualize Success
Conor McGregor talks about the Law of Attraction and how he used it to achieve massive success in his career. Visualize what you want, take massive action and it will become your reality.

How to Meditate Like a Zen Master
Learn how to meditate like a Zen Master in just 12 minutes here.

How to Never Get Sick Again – The Wim Hof Iceman Method
WIM HOF “Iceman” Method: He’s nicknamed “The Iceman” for his ability to withstand extreme cold which he assigns to exposure to cold, meditation and breathing techniques. Hof has set out to spread the potential health benefits of his breathing techniques, working closely with scientists around the world to prove that the Wim Hof Method works.

Energy Healer Gets TV Show to Prove His Gift
Charlie Goldsmith has a unique gift. Watch him share it with the world on the new season of The Healer, on TLC.

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