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A Better Memory Just Takes a Little Imagination

Source: Ultimate Memory

You've probably heard the joke about the man who was offered a million dollars – all he had to do was to not think about a pink camel.

Naturally, he didn't win, because as soon as he heard those words, the image of a pink camel popped into his head. And now it's in your head too, isn't it?

Our brains take the words we hear, and even the words we think, and process them using all of the other areas of the brain as well, including those that focus primarily on vision, touch, and smell.

Scientists have started looking at language processing as a whole-brain experience, not just something that happens with the ears and a mental database of words.

Because your brain integrates all of these different input modes, going so far as to make up the parts that it needs to get the complete picture, that means that the more ways you provide it with information the better you'll be able to form those pictures and remember them.

As author Benjamin Bergen notes in his new book, Louder Than Words: The New Science of How the Mind Makes Meaning, the whole-mind process explains why people often use their hands while they're talking, and why simply hearing about someone catching a baseball "lights up the areas of the brain that control the eyes and hands.

It also means that you can deliberately use several different methods of memorizing information to give it a stronger place in your brain. For example, if you need to remember a street address, visualize yourself walking or driving there while repeating the address several times. When you want to remember names and faces, imagine that you're taking a photo of the person and writing their name out underneath the picture. Each time you bring in another sense (sight, hearing, etc.) you're adding another link to the information that will help your brain securely store it for later use.

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