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Top 7 Foods to Boost Your Brainpower and Focus

By Amelia Johnson / StayHealthyWays.com

Are you experiencing any form of cognitive decline?

Do you wish something magical could happen to improve your brain power?

The saddest part is that there are little if any pharmaceutical solutions to a failing brain. However, the good news is there are simple and safe alternatives to pharmaceutical products to improve your focus and brain power.

Your food choices could be the most influential element in your control that could help to improve the functionality, and vitality of your brain. Well, now you know.

Why should you worry about your food choices? Well, it is justifiable that all of us are at risk of developing brain degeneration. Statistics reveal that for instance, any individual aged 85 and above has a 50% risk of developing the Alzheimer's disease. Such figures necessitate that we prioritize the need to nurture the brain. In this article, I will show you how.

Foods you need to eat for better brainpower and focus.

1. Almonds

Do you remember your guardians forcing you to munch on some almonds ahead of an exam, arguing that almonds could help you memorize what you had learned?

Well, you need to know that they were not merely blabbing. The common talk you could have heard regarding almonds, focus, and brain power is true! How?

Almonds are rich in zinc, a mineral that has been long associated with proper immune system functionality. Zinc also carries antioxidants which have the potential to fight bloodstream free radicals to ensure that they do not attack and break down your brain cells.

Almonds also host vital nutrients which are essential for brain health. Mainly, almonds carry vitamins E and B6 for improved brainpower. Vitamin E, as held by research, plays a critical role in lowering brain cell aging. This has the impact of promoting memory.

The same research adds that almonds are an ample omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acid source. These compounds are essential in increasing your intellectual levels while the magnesium component is associated with stronger brain nerves.

Do you still doubt the effectiveness of almonds as super brain food? Make these nuts a part of your daily morning snack to enhance your memory and brain power.

2. Coconut Oil

If you are well conversant with the Indian Ayurvedic medicinal culture, then you understand the healing potential of coconut oil. Individuals who have incorporated coconut oil into their routine diet experience reduced incidences of vascular, cancerous, and brain health complications. No wonder coconut is regarded as the tree of life among some communities.

But with all the myths surrounding the healing potential of coconut oil, is this food healthy for your brain cells?

Well, coconut oil is thought to improve the ability of the neurons of your brain to utilize energy as they also minimize the release of harmful free radicals. The integrity of the brain cell membrane is mainly dependent on the quality of fats that one feeds on. Coconut oil, apart from being a healthy fat, has good cholesterol which is good for the brain.

Coconut oil also uniquely contains medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) which provide an alternative energy source for the brain during glucose absence. MCTs, as research indicates, give coconut its potential to treat Alzheimer’s and all dementia forms. If you do not like liquid coconut oil, you can take them as capsules, which also gives you the same effect.

3. Wild Salmon

Every single bite of food you have is a decision with the potential to either nourish or deplete your brainpower. By Feeding on the right food, you provide the brain with the right quality and quantity of nutrients which play a vital role in the creation, repair, and protection of the brain cells. Such is salmon which is regarded as a brain super-food.

Salmon is categorized as one of the various fatty fish. This top-notch brain food offers exceptional access to a protein which is essential in the formation of neurotransmitters including dopamine and serotonin which boost the mood. Salmon is rich in vitamin B12 which serves to promote brain and nervous system health.

Salmon is uniquely packed with omega-3 essential fatty acids which are regarded as the most vital brain nutrients. However, most diets barely contain these nutrients. These fatty acids play a critical role in boosting your brainpower and focus since they are a primary structural element of nerve cells and brain cell membranes.

The agility of your brainpower and focus are dependent on the presence of healthy fats from the foods you consume. Your brain cells with benefit from the anti inflammatory properties of omega-3 fatty acids present in salmon.

Research indicates a strong correlation between omega-3 fatty acids and the treatment of a host of neurological complications including brain fog, anxiety, depressions, ADHD, as well as Alzheimer’s and dementia brain degenerative diseases.

Take this food with exceptional brainpower and focus nutrients.

4. Asparagus

It is no doubt that asparagus has potent body and mind benefits. The question is “how powerful?”. Asparagus is linked with the ability to protect the body from heart disease, cancer, and, most significantly, dementia. Isn’t that a bounty of medicinal benefits from a single food?

This plant has a high mineral and vitamin content which makes it effective in the prevention of Alzheimer’s dementia and moderate cognitive decline.

The plant hosts folate and vitamin B varieties which give it its strength in proper brain functioning. The Tufts University suggests that low folate levels in the body triple your vulnerability chances to developing dementia. Accordingly, adults with adequate and healthy B12 and folate levels exhibit better response and higher mental flexibility.

This food also richly contains prebiotic fiber. This component is linked with higher support for gut bacteria which support brain health.

Notably, you might not love the taste of this plant. However, its strong brain power and focus effects are worth trying out. The best way is to try various asparagus recipes till you find the one that works for your taste.

5. Avocado

Do you avoid avocado on the premise that it contains high amounts of fat? But, do you ever stop to think whether avocado could be rich in the recommended type of fat? This creamy food is nutrient-dense which is believed to have potential effects on improving one’s brainpower.

Avocado is one of the best omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acid sources you can ever find. These fatty acids are important in boosting blood flow to your brain. As a result, the brain has adequate energy supply to allow it achieve optimal functionality and enhance the absorption of antioxidants present in avocado.

This fruit discourages brain and body damage from free radicals as it is rich in antioxidants and vitamin E. As an ample vitamin K and potassium source, avocado minimizes the risk of brain stroke.

Avocado, as opposed to most other fruits which are rich in carbohydrates, has 75% of its content in the form of monounsaturated fats. Further, these fats are healthy as those present in olive oil.

Its high monounsaturated fat content is associated with enhanced brain health. Monounsaturated fats are necessary for acetylcholine production. Acetylcholine is a brain chemical which aids memory and learning processes.

Avocado also enhances your focus and motivation through its tyrosine-rich content.

6. Pumpkin Seeds

How often do you feed on pumpkin seeds? Did you know that this food can significantly improve your memory and focus? Pumpkin seeds are popular for their omega fatty acid-rich content which plays a vital role in enhancing overall brain health. This component will not only protect your memory but also improve cognitive function.

There is an ample amount of vitamin B in these seeds. They also provide the body with adequate zinc. In fact, pumpkin seeds are said to contain the highest zinc amounts compared to all other seeds. Zinc serves to boost cognitive and memory abilities. Indeed, research indicates that zinc deficiency triggers memory loss.

Therefore, boost your memory by settling for this cheap and convenient alternative.

7. Walnuts

We are our memories. Therefore, enhancing brain power for a better memory can only make us better beings. Walnuts are a viable solution to memory loss tendencies and general brain health improvement.

Walnuts have high DHA contents. DHA is an omega-3 fatty acid type which is known for its potency in the prevention of age-related memory decline and loss as well as the improvement of brain health.

Research indicates that walnuts further are rich in a variety of nutrients including fiber, copper, vitamin E, manganese, and omega-3 fats for better brain health (8). You may also consider feeding on peanuts or hazelnuts for similar brain health results.


Sturdy brain power and focus are important aspects of the effective daily function of the body. Therefore, it is necessary that you seek to optimize your brain health. These seven foods are a justified approach which pays off significantly. Try them out today and experience better and agiler brainpower and focus.

Amelia is a writer/editor with an endless passion for bringing a lot of useful and trustworthy information to the community. She founded stayhealthyways.com, a blog dedicated to sharing quality articles related to health, nutrition, fitness, and beauty. As a typical introvert, Amelia is a perfectionist in work. At times of leisure, she reads, listens to music, chats with some close friends and walks with her pet.


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