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Brain Salon Free MP3Courtesy of The Brain Salon

It sounds like something from a science fiction movie. Just press a button – and quickly boost your happiness, get focused, or fall to sleep. But thanks to one British company, this hi-tech dream is turning into a reality.

The Brain Salon audio sessions are based on a science known as "brainwave entrainment," which reproduce specific brainwave patterns, using specialized sounds. This changes your state – making you more focused, for example, or helping you to relax.

The method is based on almost 100 years of brainwave research.

Each Brain Salon session was individually architected by New Zealand based brainwave expert, Craig Tice – and comes from the same company that originally launched the Brain Evolution System back in 2005.

Since the beta launch of Brain Salon last year, the program has already received high praise from industry leaders, including Dr Joe Rubino, Kristen Howe and David Riklan, who called it "one of the most powerful audio programs I've ever used."

Download the free MP3 to instantly
change your state on-demand

Imagine being able to click a button, and instantly:

   * Switch on razor-sharp FOCUS

   * Boost your mood & HAPPINESS

   * Experience huge ENERGY BOOSTS

   * Turbo-charge your CREATIVITY

   * Enjoy the BEST SLEEP EVER

Discover the Brain Salon for yourself –
and download your FREE mini-session right now, right here...

Brain Salon Free MP3

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