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How to Heal Yourself for Ultimate Well-being

Brilliant Health - Direct your nonconscious mind for a healthy, balanced, and energetic life

By Paul R. Sheele / Source: Brilliant Health

You want great health. But how do you achieve it?

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You know about eating healthful food, supplements, exercise, meditation, balanced emotions, etc. You are probably doing some if not all of these things. Right?!

But there is something you might be overlooking that could give you even greater vitality, long life, and robust health.

Are you effectively tapping the vast internal resources of your nonconscious mind?

We all have these incredible resources, but we often leave them to their own devices…or maybe happenstance…or maybe being triggered by other people or the news or work or traffic (you get the idea).

Research funded by the National Institute of Health suggests, "interventions that target non-conscious processes and are less reliant on reflective, conscious engagement have significant potential for changing behavior across populations."

Paul R. Scheele, Ph.D., co-founder of Learning Strategies, has been studying the workings of the genius mind for four decades. I have told you about his programs a number of times because I believe they are some of the best transformation material available.

Paul knows how to help you rally the internal resources. He knows how to get your nonconscious mind to support your hopes and dreams instead of sabotaging them.

In the new Brilliant Health video program, Paul addresses simple things you can do to bridge the gap from the conscious mind to the nonconscious mind.

This gets you out of limited thinking and beyond the realm of possibilities into a reality of connection where the incredible power of your nonconscious mind works in your best interest continually.

The program is free – get your pass today!

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