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CIA Documents Prove Psychic Powers Are Real

By Jason Mangrum, Creator of
Uberman: Become SuperHuman!


Well I guess nobody saw this coming! (or did they?...)

The CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) just released some of its most TOP SECRET, highly classified information about their deep research into psychoenergetic science.

It’s called “THE STARGATE PROGRAM” and it includes their documented experiments with stuff like remote viewing, astral projection, mind reading, telepathy, psychokinesis and much, much more!

Yeah, all that stuff you’ve heard about for years as “pseudo-science” was secretly being studied by the top intelligence agencies of the world because of the UNDENIABLE evidence!

You can read all about it here: CIA Uploads Millions of Classified Documents on UFOs and Psychic Powers

Mind Hack Recipe BookAnd here: Psychic Army Division Revealed in CIA files...

And hey, why not read about them on the CIA web site itself?

So, yeah.

Psychic powers are real.

And yes, you have them, too.

And you can learn how to get them, with this training manual!



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