How to Travel and Live Forever Anywhere on $20 a Day

New book shows how to travel and live anywhere on $20 a day, including beautiful national parks and big cities like Las Vegas and San Francisco. Strategies cover travel to all 50 states while the budget includes food, transportation and lodging.

By Jason Odom, Author of  Vanabode

Vanabode details new ways to camp forever in any exotic destination and live anywhere at the least possible cost.

Vanabode dispels the myth that the American dream is home ownership, instead proving that what people really crave is time and freedom.

Las Vegas resident author Jason Odom offers a complete plan for safe, adventurous travel throughout the United States that addresses everything from where to go and where to stay to how to cook without fire, fuel or electricity.

Those that dream of getting way from it all and taking a year long road trip may find this book the final answer on how to do it. Vanabode offers detailed instructions on how to have all of your life's needs met comfortably and safely on a micro budget. For those without savings the book also provides extensive information on how to pay for it all.

Vanabode includes a massive list of seasonal camping jobs requiring no experience in places like national parks, to ways to earn a living running a small mobile business while traveling.

The author has land traveled over 700,000 miles in 16+ years and from this wealth of experience brings practical advice to anyone wanting to travel sooner rather than later. The book is a real problem solver, detailing a wide range of solutions including: how to live in cities where the rent is too expensive, how to safely and comfortably live in wilderness areas for free, how to avoid the boredom killing many marriages, how to get off the grid without breaking the bank, how to get rid of the big motorhome and travel easier and cheaper, how to recover from a financial disaster by cutting costs, how to live without a house while maintaining ones dignity, and how to disappear to escape stalkers or past mistakes.

Vanabode is not without it's critics. The website details how many big industries have targeted the authors work for showing people how to take long vacations and travel without spending money on their products. Vanabode offers strategies that circumvent many industries plans for taking ones travel money, including travel agencies, the hotel and hospitality industry, campground owners, recreational vehicle manufacturers, motorhome dealerships, and city and county governments.

Travel Forever for $20Wikipedia describes Vanabode as a "disruptive innovation"; terms used in business and technology circles to describe innovations that improve a service in ways that the "market does not expect, typically by being lower priced or making something available to everyone that was previously only available to the rich".

Those purchasing Vanabode get additional free products and services that include road trip blog and email support directly from the author, a free destinations guide with pictures detailing hundreds of interesting camping spots, and free Vanabode book updates for life.

Travel Forever on $20 a day

Travel Forever


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