Meditating With Cannabis: A Guide for Beginners

By Rebecca Smith

Meditation is a technique for training the mind, to eliminate negative thoughts and embrace the positive. It aims to make you relax and calm as you concentrate on one aspect of your life and how you can improve it.

Besides, meditation helps to manage stress levels 60% of the time and reduces the risk of heart diseases by 87%.

Similarly, marijuana offers excellent calming and relaxing effects that can go well with meditation.

Cannabis will give you the results you desire with better focus when meditating. Combining marijuana and meditation is becoming increasingly popular. As a beginner, starting cannabis meditation can be a little confusing. But in this guide, we provide you with crucial tips to help you in this spiritual practice.

1. Identify a Special Strain for Relaxation

If you want to enjoy better relaxation from your meditative sessions, you should choose a special strain of marijuana. It is imperative to note that not all weed strains go well with meditation.

Therefore, you have to know the different stains that you can meditate with and choose the one that you prefer. Marijuana varieties for meditation often trigger positive vibes and help you to connect with your inner self. It will calm your mind and allow you to focus during your sessions. Besides, they can also facilitate your session and relieve stress.

2. Consumption Methods of Weed for Meditation

After identifying the desired strain, you may be wondering about the most appropriate way to take marijuana to utilize all its effects during meditation. There are many ways that you can consume weed. All of these methods work well, but the best way to use it while meditating is by smoking and vaping. Taking marijuana as edibles can take up to 3-6 hours to kick in, and you do not want to wait that long to begin your sessions. Vaping and smoking will allow the effects to kick in instantly.

3. Pair Breathing Exercise and Weed

Breathing is the most significant part of meditation. Before you begin your sessions, you have to control your breathing, which in turn helps to regulate your emotions and thoughts. Select a strain of cannabis, inhale it and begin the breathing exercise as follows:

Step 1: Sit in a comfortable position with your back straight and chest upright. Relax your shoulders and close your eyes.
Step 2: Try to breathe in a relaxed state by taking deep breaths to fill with your chest and abdomen with air.
Step 3: After one deep breath, pause for a second or two and then exhale the air out. Repeat this pattern.
Step 4: Ensure your thoughts focus on the breath alone to clear your mind and relax as you exhale the air out

4. Know-How To Use Marijuana in Mindful Meditation

Mindful meditation helps people that have trouble relaxing by improving their focus on the body to observe parts that cause tension. To reach the optimal level of such a calm meditative routine, you will need a strain that contains high THC content like 20% to provide body relaxation without leaving a mind-numbing effect.

Step 1: Smoke or vape your preferred choice of marijuana some minutes before meditation
Step 2: Lie flat on your back on a yoga mat or comfortable surface. Let your arms rest on the sides with the palms facing up. Relax your legs and fall outwards.
Step 3: Use your mind to scan each body part and release any tension you find. You can start with your ankles, toes, and feet and then move to the stomach and back. Ensure you focus on each body part slowly.
Step 4: Relax your body and breathing, and you will feel calm after scanning the whole body

Marijuana MeditationWhat Are The Benefits Of Using Weed While Meditating?

Meditation helps to soothe the mind.1 It is easy to lose focus and feel discouraged from time to time. Having a small session on mind-focus to eliminate the negative vibe is integral in everyday life. Using marijuana in meditation helps to overcome tension and stress. There is a connection between marijuana and meditation, whereby meditation improves anxiety and depression orders, and weed helps you to get these benefits much quicker. You can try a weed guided meditation class at home and see how it goes.


Marijuana and meditation go hand in hand because they both offer calming and relaxing effects that help to reduce tension and stress. The trick is to choose one of the strains recommended for meditation before you begin your session. Besides improving your meditation sessions, you also get to enjoy the health benefits of weed, such as pain and inflammation reduction and quality sleep. Beginners can use this guide to improve their meditation session today with marijuana. If you would like the same relaxation and relief from anxiety without getting "high", try CBD.


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