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The Mind Power of Cannabis

As nowadays the potential of Cannabis is reinvented and Cannabis becomes a more broadly accepted plant used for recreational purposes, it's becoming clear that the use of this sacred plant has a lot of mind-expanding power properties.

Cannabis contains several different ingredients and THC is a psychoactive substance responsible for the “mind altering” effects of the plant.

Mindfulness and Marijuana seem to be strongly connected, thus more and more people find ways to combine the use of Cannabis with deeper inspirational activities like Meditation and Yoga. As a result, we have now specialized Ganja-Yoga courses for those who want to enhance the experience of Yoga practice.

When we use Cannabis our consciousness seems to be transformed (expanded consciousness) in a way that new tunnels are opened, new ideas and possibilities are born. The euphoric glow makes the mind more relaxed and a deepening of thoughts often occurs. Throughout Human History, many great thinkers and philosophers used and are still using this ancient plant to boost their insight.

Often the users of Cannabis describe their ability to focus in an activity very increased, after the consumption of Cannabis.

Cannabis has many spiritual properties, is a spiritual plant almost by definition.

One of the characteristics of Cannabis is the feeling of Awareness. Often users of Cannabis describe themselves to feel connected to a present moment. Some others emphasize on the fact that they feel a very strong connection to nature and are fascinated about it.

Cannabis is a means of inspiration for Artists, there is no doubt about that. The imagination and the creativity get a clear boost. But even simply listening to a symphony or watching a movie after some cannabis consumption can turn into a pleasurable amazing experience.

Not only Artists, but also a lot of famous scientists are users of cannabis. Although we cannot hold cannabis responsible for all their great creations, we could say that in many cases played a critical role in the development of Great Ideas.

There is a liberal wave changing the ideas societies had for many years, Laws are becoming more tolerant to this plant and people start growing their own plants. Nothing is better than growing your own plant and Zamnesia can offer you a big variety of cannabis seeds.

There are a lot of ways that Cannabis can effect your mind but the most important is that Cannabis inspires FUN.

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