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Change the Way the Universe Treats You with this Free eBook -- The Business Owner's Quantum Cash Pump

Quantum Cash PumpHow to Get the Law of Attraction Working for You and Your Business

By Charles Burke,
Creator of
Command More Luck

Here's a great free ebook if you've ever wondered why you aren't getting what you ask for in your business or your life... or if you're not satisfied with your love-life, your income, or your health... or you want to increase your chances of receiving more of what you want from life...

The ASSERT program will hand you specific, detailed methods for changing how the Universe treats you. You'll shift how you think about your Self, your self-worth, and your relationships to everything.

Read? Just right-click on the book image or on the link below to download the book to your computer.

Download this Free Ebook here...

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Also by Charles Burke: How to Talk to Your Future Self

Why Some People ALWAYS Get the Luck!

Command More LuckBeing lucky is a skill, just like any other skill. As you learn it and you practice it, you get better. You get more successful... people will say you're "luckier." And yes, you can learn this skill. How do I know? Because I learned it myself - beginning from absolute zero. Finally, stop wondering what's going to happen to you next. Start calling the shots now, take charge. Of your luck, your success, even your love-life.

Learn more here: Command More Luck