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Children Who Know How to Know

A resource guide for helping children develop and utilize their powerful intuitive abilities

By Elly Molina, Author of
Children Who Know How to Know

Developing superpower skills is not only possible but it is something all humans once knew how to do.
Training your child to do this will enhance his or her life in unimaginable ways.

This book shows you how to look at the mind as an untapped resource, our greatest asset, and invites you to take a different view of our innate mental powers.

What you discover may alter the course of your life and the way you perceive and interact with yourself and your children.

Elly Molina, an educator and psychic for over 38 years, teaches children and adults how to develop intuition through mindfulness and intuitive heart exercises, which develop and enhance compassion and emotional maturity. She gently instructs children to love, honor, value, and respect themselves and others. She teaches the importance of speaking responsibly and choosing words consciously, always guided by the power of intuition.

In her book, children are taught a new paradigm for speaking and seeing the world, so they won’t be one of those children who grow up and need to recover from their childhood.

MindTrip MagazineThis book helps shape the future of our children and create conscious awareness of the daily use of language, its impact on our thoughts, emotions, perceptions, and life.

At a time where bullying and violence are increasing in our school systems, this book guides us away from a future of violence, towards one of compassion, conscious choice of thoughts and actions, and a new way of treating ourselves and others.

Elly Molina is the author of Children How Know How to Know. Learn more at www.psi-kids.com.


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