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The World's Easiest Detox Diet

Source: Master Cleanse Secrets

The Master Cleanse diet (also known as the Lemonade diet or the maple syrup diet) is a liquid diet used for detoxification and weight loss. It was first created in 1946 by fellow New Yorker, Stanley Burroughs as a healthy and natural mean for detoxification to flush the body of deadly toxins, pesticides and other impurities.

Contrary to popular belief that the Master Cleanse is a starvation diet that deprives the body of food in order to lose weight, the Master Cleanse diet is different.

First, it does not encourage malnutrition. While calories intake will be reduced when on the diet, it doesn't deprive the body of the essential nutrients which keeps the internal organs healthy. A wide variety of vitamins and minerals which normal eating habits does not take account into are supplemented with the master cleanse. Hence, this actually helps the body to become healthier and to give us more energy.

The unique part about the Master Cleanse is that a user only has to faithfully follow for a very short period of time (3 to 10 days). Throughout these days, the body naturally removes the toxins out of the body. The weight that you lose will be from the toxins. Once the time period is over, stop the cleanse and rest for around 60 days before considering going on another cleanse.

What Are All The Benefits Of The Master Cleanse?

The Master Cleanse is said to be the miracle diet because of the endless benefits it has on the body. The list of benefits is endless but here are some of the popular reasons why so many people are giving this diet an honest try!

  • Your body will experience a powerful, natural boost of energy, vitality and focus. All those overeating or unhealthy eating has accumulated tons of deadly toxins. Flushing of this toxins gives your body the “breather” it requires to function properly again!

    • The Master Cleanse diet is also used for weight loss. Celebrities have vowed that this diet works like magic when it comes to losing weight. Beyonce Knowles lost over 22lbs in 14 days and kept that weight off permanently!

    • Better, clearer skin in 10 days. Forget about pricy skin treatments or expensive lotions or a visit to dermatologist that's at least going to cost you $200! The Master Cleanse can give you your youthful appearance in 10 short days!

    • Put an end to digestion problems, acid reflux and heartburn – the Master cleanse is the best natural and healthiest solution to all these pesky problems.

    • Eliminate unhealthy eating habits with the Master Cleanse. When your body experiences the lighter side of the cleanse (healthy dose of vitamins and minerals) for 3-10 days, it will never ingest unhealthy foods again!


Learn how to jump-start the Master Cleanse diet instantly!

Master Cleanse


The Master Cleanser recipe and ingredients are as follows:

  • 2 Tablespoons of organic lemon juice – This lemon juice must be freshly squeezed. Canned juice will only erase most of the benefits of the diet because it usually contains a lot of sugar and other additives. Fresh, natural, organic lemon juice is ideal.

    • 2 Tablespoons of organic grade B maple syrup – It is best to avoid imitation maple syrup for it contains additives and lacks the nutrients the body needs.

    • 1/10 Teaspoon ground cayenne pepper – This may be a turn off to most people who are worried about how it will make the drink taste, but the lemon juice and syrup counteract the taste of the pepper.  There are really no limitations on the cayenne pepper since when you buy it it is in its purest form.

    • 10 oz of filtered water – Filtered water or bottled water is better to use than tap water because of all the contaminants in tap water.

The Easiest And Most Hassle Free Way To Start The Master Cleanse

One of the mistakes that most people make is that they like to take the recipe and try it the next day. What happens is that this usually leads to mediocre or poor results. You see, knowing the recipe and doing it are entirely different things.

The best route is to always do some preparation before embarking on the cleanse. Why? Because in many cases, we aren't ready to give up our solid food diet (mostly, the unhealthy foods – fast foods). And due to that, we're often tempted to give up on the master cleanse routine.

Furthermore, you're the next most important key to making the master cleanse diet a success.

If you like to know how to make the Master Cleanse diet work for you almost instantly, you can find more information when you download the free special report and audio book that shares with you more secrets of the Master Cleanse diet.

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