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How to Take Control of Someone's Thoughts

By Nathan Blaszak,
Apply Hypnosis Centre

Have you ever had the experience of talking with someone and they just wouldn't be quiet long enough for you to get your word in?

Better yet, would you like to get them to be quiet and stay quiet? Long enough so that you can get on with your covert tactics? Because surely YOU DO WANT to have the advantage and control in a social conversation... am I right?

Have you figured out what it is yet? If you're still here reading then it's obviously working -- proof already of how powerful this is.

It's really simple: ASK THEM QUESTIONS!

Just like I did in the above paragraphs. To keep this quick and to the point, questions lead people's thinking. It worked on you... am I right?

When you ask a person a question they have to go in their mind and try to locate an answer. While they are going hmmmmm? you can hit them with another question, then another.

Be careful not to do this too much as it might become frustrating for them. But at first you may so you can get the hang of it like I did when I was first learning.

I remember a time when I was in a bar and I started talking to this beautiful woman and just to have fun I decided to ask nothing but questions. As we were talking, just when I noticed her getting frustrated I would nail her with a "are you getting mad at me?" with a puppy dog, innocent look on my face. I'll bet you can guess what happened next.

I don't know exactly how many questions I asked her that night but I am willing to bet it was close to around 60.

***By the time I got done asking all these questions, I had her asking me to leave and go have coffee so we could get to know each other more!*** And the rest is history.

I could go on, but I'm not going to go into great detail with all the questions I asked. Just realize I simply had to prove to myself that it worked and it really does. After a little practice I got really good at it too.


Ask each other questions and questions only and see who can stump the other first. This will be the fastest and best way to understand how this works.

Now if, after a little practice, you decide to lead someone's thinking, ask them questions. Be sure to have an outcome in mind of where you would like to lead their thoughts, then ask them questions which will take them there. And the result?

Believe me, you'll make them think as much as they want to talk, but won't be able to talk because they'll be too busy trying to locate an answer! If you practice this, you'll come to realize how it will work like a charm every time if you want to get them to think certain thoughts.

Also, you'll notice as you begin to develop your covert skills of conversation that questions are a great way to introduce and then launch into the hypnotic language patterns which I show you exactly how to create -- step-by-step -- in my book "How To Hypnotize Anyone Without Getting Caught!"

Are you beginning to see how you are becoming prepared for the *REAL* power of unconscious communication, and can you see yet just how important covert hypnosis is when it comes to you getting what you want from anyone you talk to?

How to Hypnotize Anyone Without Getting Caught

Nathan Blaszak is the author of “How to Hypnotize Anyone Without Getting Caught; Secrets of Covert Hypnosis,” and the director of Apply Hypnosis Center, which specializes in teaching salesman, teachers, public speakers, parents, or seducers of any genre, how to transition to the lucrative covert hypnosis ability where supreme influence is within easy reach. Click here for details: Apply Hypnosis

Secretly Hypnotize Anyone



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