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Cope with Holiday Stress with Subliminal Meditation

By Nelson Berry
Creator of Subliminal Video Messages

New Year and Christmas are just two of the most anticipated holidays of the year. It's the season where families and friends get together. The chilly evenings turn out to be fun times to ice-skate in the Rockefeller or shop at Macy's or simply head to the nearest parks where carolers and revelries are abundant.

However, unknown to many, these are also the times when you tend to experience holiday stress. It is called as such since the main triggers for your stressful feeling are the different preparations you're making for the holidays. If you're working, you will find yourself beating rush sales just to make sure you have gifts to your loved ones. Homemakers would spend countless days cleaning their homes and lawns for their upcoming visitors. Worse, some have to deal with emotional stress, such as meeting relatives they really don't want to be with on special occasions.

These are supposed to be the best times, and you should not allow stress to completely take over? But how do you exactly do that? You can do so by meditation.

Meditation has been extremely helpful, especially to people who have been living stressful lives. Using the technique during the holidays will still provide you the same powerful benefits.

Meditation has the ability to calm your nerves or the different stressful areas in the body such as your shoulders and gut. When you slowly take in air, you will feel the lungs and abdomen expand, which normally feel contracted when you're under stress. Moreover, as you let out the air, you somehow develop the notion that you're also expelling the bad energies that go along with stress.

It can also boost your immune system. A lot of people do get sick when they are under stress because their defenses are completely down. Thanks to the oxygen you supply to your body, you keep the body cells well nourished. You also reduce the secretion of cortisol, which is found to be associated with high cholesterol level. Instead, you secrete more of serotonin, which you can attribute to your happier and more peaceful moods.

Most of all, meditation helps you deal with the emotional baggage you may be carrying during the season. You can enhance its effects in this area through the use of subliminal messages.

Subliminal messages, in this case, may be in terms of positive statements or affirmations. For example if you're not too confident facing a lot of relatives, you may perhaps consider the following affirmations:

I am confident about myself.
I have the power to overcome shyness or insecurities.
I can forgive those relatives who have hurt me.
I am settled with my past.

These subliminal messages, if repeated many times, can eventually change your thought patterns, helping you transform any negative emotion to a positive one.

During the holidays, every day seems to be a busy one. Finding a good time to meditate can be pretty difficult. Nevertheless, all it needs is finding the right time. You can do it before you go to sleep or before the rest of the family members are up.

Cope with Holiday Stress
with Subliminal Meditations

Subliminal Messages Videos

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