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5 Simple Steps to Creating Whatever You Desire

By Adrian Cooper,
Author of
Our Ultimate Reality: Life, the Universe, and the Destiny of Mankind

We will now look at the very important process of manifestation; the conscious creation of your own reality; the manifestation of your wishes and desires. Always remember; there is absolutely nothing that you cannot be, do or have.

It is highly advisable before embarking on any manifestation project to meditate upon, or consider very deeply whether you really do need and desire any specific objective to manifest into your life and the life of those around you. Sometimes what seems to be a very good idea and desirable idea at the time turns out to be decidedly less than desirable once it manifests as a reality into your life.

It is most important to think only in terms of genuine needs and never of greed or the demands of the ego, as for example would be the case if you were comparing yourself with others. Before you manifest money, for example, you should think or meditate very deeply on what this money, or anything else you wish to manifest will really add, not only to your own life but also to that of your family, loved ones and others around you.

The process of creating anything and everything you could possibly desire is a natural, God given ability that everyone possesses, it is just that most simply do not know or realise it. The Universe is infinitely abundant; there are no limits on wealth or anything else.

When you know beyond any doubt that you are indeed a creator, a co-creator within this magnificent Universe in which we live, an aspect of The Source, The First Cause, God, then you will know beyond any doubts in your very being that you can realise all of your wishes.

The 5-Step Process of Manifestation

The process of manifestation is conceptually extremely simple, consisting of the following five steps: Know, Ask, Experience, Action and Gratitude.

1) Know your desire.
2) Ask for your desire.
3) Experience your desire.
4) Action towards your desire.
5) Gratitude for your desire.

These five steps will enable you to manifest absolutely anything at all into your own physical reality. Once learned, you will apply these steps naturally in your ongoing existence, and you will become a conscious creator of your own reality, shaping your world in precise accordance with your desires. You can enjoy a magical life of unlimited joy, harmony and fulfilment, always knowing that there is absolutely nothing that you cannot be, do or have.

Let us now take a detailed look at each of these important steps to realising your wishes.

Step 1: Know your desire.

This might seem obvious, but in fact many people simply do not really know what they desire. They might think they want this, that or the other, but never really consider it in great depth.

A friend gets a new car for example, and the person immediately believes that they need a new car, often a better car. A person might go shopping in an expensive store and see something that they cannot afford but believe they need or must have anyway because it will enhance their life in some way. Sometimes people simply decide on a whim that they need a particular item or event in their lives.

Knowing what you really do want is an extremely important first step in the process of manifesting a desire. Before proceeding therefore take as much time as you need to contemplate your desire, and if necessary meditate on your desire or ask for guidance.

Consider in detail as to what the object of your desire will really bring to you. How will it really benefit you? How will it make you happy and enhance your reality? And most importantly how will it help you towards arriving at where you really need to be?

You really do need to take as much time as is necessary to decide and to actually know beyond any doubt that you genuinely need the object of your desire and that your life will be enhanced by it in a positive way. Only you can make this decision; no one else can make it for you. This is your own reality to create; it is reality of no one else. You are the one who will need to live with whatever you bring into your reality, as well as being completely responsible for its affect on your family and all those around you.

It is also important to only focus on one objective at a time. Never waste your time and Energy by simply wishing, daydreaming or fantasizing about numerous things. You must decide on exactly what one single thing at a time that you really, genuinely need and desire above all else, and focus your entire Energy on that desire until such time as it has manifested into your life. There is no time limit on this step because it is so fundamentally important.

Finally you should never, ever, ever ask for money. As we have already discussed, money is, in and of itself totally meaningless. It is a merely a human construct, an object, a notional method of exchange which as far as the Universe is concerned is no more than Energy in the form of bits of physical metal, paper or electronic bits and bytes stored on a computer system. The Universe is infinitely abundant, everything you could possibly wish for already exists, however large or small, and all you need to do is to bring it into your physical awareness, and therefore your physical reality. Always ask for exactly what you want, and never place a monetary value upon it and again never, but never, ever ask for money.

Once you know beyond all doubt what you really want, you can proceed to the next step.

Step 2: Ask for your desire.

Ask and you shall receive. These are indeed ancient and most wise words.

Every wish is immediately and unconditionally granted; all we need to do is to know how to receive. It is in the receiving however that most people fail to realise their wishes.

Asking is in and of itself an important and very precise step in this process. You need to be positive, unambiguous and precise about how you ask for your desire to be realised. The asking process can be purely in the Mind, however one of the most powerful methods of asking is to simply write down your request on paper. The physical action of writing down your desire impresses your wish on your subconscious Mind that is directly in communication with The Source, as well as focussing your intentions, wishes and desires in a positive and unambiguous way.

Always write down your wish in the present tense. We have discussed and emphasised this previously and we must do so once again. You already have everything you could possible desire. All you need to do is to ask The Universe, The Source, God to bring it into your personal reality in order that you may physically experience it.

If for example you used the words "I want", then you will realise a perpetual state of "wanting". Remember, ask and you shall receive. "Wanting" is a human concept, but nevertheless one which the Universe will gladly provide upon request. Never "want" something, otherwise you will find yourself perpetually wanting that thing and never actually receiving it.

Your written request should be in the present tense and as short, precise and to the point as possible. There is no need to write an essay on why you must have this desire, simply state it exactly as you wish for it to manifest into your own physical reality. The subconscious Mind, although sublime and immensely powerful, being the majority of the totality of the Mind, is very child-like in the way it perceives instructions. The subconscious Mind will usually perceive direct instructions but not the rationale. If you endeavour to explain the reasons for your desire the subconscious might well either disregard or confuse what you are impressing upon it, and the results will reflect that.

The correct way to ask in the present tense could be as follows: "I now have a new car. My new car is blue in colour, has five doors and a CD player", I am really enjoying my new car". You may also add any other features you desire but keep the list to the point and above all totally unambiguous.

It is very important indeed having completed this step not to begin to long for the object of your wish to appear, or to wonder where it is, or in particular become frustrated. These are negative thoughts and emotions that will have a correspondingly negative impact on the object of your desires. You must know beyond any doubt whatsoever that your wish has already been granted in full, and that all you need to do now is to bring it into your physical reality.

It is also most important to have complete and absolute faith in The Universe, The Source, God, to bring the object of your desire into your physical reality. Any lack of faith will have a very negative effect on attracting the object of your wishes into your physical experiential reality by sending out vibrations that say you do not believe the object of your desire will manifest into your reality, in which case it will be granted and will not manifest.

You have now asked and it has already been given. All you need to do now is to allow your wish to appear within your personal, physical awareness and reality.

Step 3: Experience your desire.

Experiencing is an extremely important step towards allowing and therefore receiving the object of your desire into your physical reality. In order to experience what you have asked for you must allow it to manifest into your physical reality by The Law of Attraction, and that means bringing your Energy vibration into harmony with the desires you have already asked for and have been given. This is a fundamentally important step, and one that many people fail to realise when they are subconsciously transmitting wishes, thus failing to attract and experience the object of their asking.

Everyone constantly transmits desires whether they are aware of it or not. These desires are in the form of vibrations sent out to the Universe. The reason that most people are not aware of this is because they simply are not in a vibrational harmony allowing them to receive the object of their desires.

Allowing is to receive, and a very powerful method of receiving is to experience. Experiencing the object of your wishes will bring you into vibrational harmony with those wishes, thus enabling them to be attracted and manifest into your personal, physical reality.

By experiencing we do not mean physical experience because by this time you will not have the physical object or situation manifest in your experiential physical reality. The experience is therefore at this stage one of the imagination.

Whenever you have the opportunity to remain undisturbed for a time and your Mind is clear of other thoughts, sit down comfortably, relax as deeply as possible by taking a few deep breaths, and imagine yourself to be in the presence of the object or situation of your desires.

This process is particularly powerful just before sleep at night and just after awaking in the morning and before arising from bed. Use all five senses within your imagination to the maximum extent in order to experience your desires. Feel it, live it and be an integral part of it. For the time you are involved with this exercise you must be totally at one with the object of your desires. This process can be likened to playing a movie film in your head, in vivid Technicolor and surround-sound, while experiencing every aspect of the situation with all of your senses. This is one reason why we practiced creative visualisation in the previous chapter, creative visualisation utilising all the sense being a very powerful way of experiencing your desires and bringing your Energy into vibrational harmony with your desires.

While playing this movie in your Mind feel all of the emotions involved as intensely as possible that are associated with physically experiencing your desires now.

Always remember that desires, wishes and expectations are all in the present tense, and should never, ever be expressed or thought of as "wanting" which implies a perpetual state of lack and never receiving. Wishes, desires and expectations are always in the present tense, knowing, beyond any doubts whatsoever that the object of your desires already exists within the Eternal Now of The Universe and your inner reality, and that all that you have to do is to receive the object of your desires into your own personal reality.

Step 4: Action towards your desires.

Although the Universe, The Source, God will deliver into your physical reality anything that you desire, wish and ask for, it will empower the process considerably if your also take your own steps in the direction of your desires. This has many positive benefits including reinforcing on your subconscious Mind your total commitment to realising your desires in a totally unambiguous way.

This is does not of course mean that you physically have to go out there and do everything yourself. By taking positive steps in the direction of your desire you invoke another very powerful Energy, the Energy of intent. The Energy of intent will work in conjunction with the knowing, asking and experiencing in a very powerful way by reinforcing your claim on the object of your desire that already exists in the Eternal Now of the Universe.

In addition to the Energy of intent you must also firmly impress upon your subconscious Mind the fact that you are very serious indeed about materialising the object of your desire into your physical experiential reality. Your subconscious Mind is extremely powerful and is in direct communication with The Source. If you therefore have your subconscious Mind as well as your conscious Mind influencing all of the necessary Energy in the direction of bringing the object of your desire into your physical reality, it will be much more powerful and the object of your desire will manifest sooner as a result.

If for example you wish to manifest a new house, you should take positive actions to physically go out and look for one. You do not have to worry about whether you can afford it or not, that would be a negative emotion resulting in the negative influence of Energy, and in any case the realisation of your house is not your concern, it is for the Universe, The Source, God to materialise the object of your desires, your wishes your request into your own reality.

In the case of your new house, the very act of physically going out and looking for the house of your desires will not only project the positive Energy of intent, but will also very considerably and favourably influence other emotions such as excitement, all of which will add to the net positive effect on the positive Energy you are harmonising towards realising your desires. The same principle applies to any material thing or situation; the more you physically take steps in the direction of your desire, the more emotion you can feel as a result, and the more you can integrate the object of your desire into your very Being, the more powerful will be the effect, and the sooner you will be able to realise it within your physical reality.

So whatever you do you must take positive action towards your desires. The bigger and the more positive and frequent the action the better; but take some sort of action you must. Never take the Universe for granted and never wait until tomorrow, because the next day you will defer until tomorrow again, and you will never take that important first positive action in the direction of your desires.

As soon as you know your desire, have asked for it, and are experiencing it, you must then take steps towards it and allow the Universe to manifest your desire into your physical experiential reality in ways The Universe will take care of.

Step 5: Gratitude for your desire.

Gratitude is another extremely important emotional Energy that you really must project during the course of manifesting your desires.

In the context of manifestation, gratitude is another extremely powerful emotion. The power of gratitude functions at several levels. To feel sincerely grateful is to be in tune with the Universe. It conveys the Energy that you already know and appreciate the fact that you are an integral aspect of The Universe, and that you are grateful for being a conscious, infinite, immortal being and co-creator within the magnificent Universe in all of its Energy levels of splendour, glory and creation. You know beyond any doubt whatsoever that you are an integral, inseparable aspect of The Divine and that you live as an immortal Spiritual being who has been blessed with the Divine ability to create your very own reality.

Gratitude also conveys an acknowledgement for having received the object of your desire. Remember; you must always at all times think in terms of physically having the object of your desire actually within your physical possession. Along with those thoughts should be the feeling of the most intense gratitude for what you have already received from The Universe. Gratitude makes the object of your desires a real, tangible, integral aspect of your own reality, and the more real it is to you the sooner it will manifest into your personal experiential reality.

Gratitude conveyed with genuine sincerity brings you more into harmony with the Universe, and with it you become an even more natural creator of your desires. Those people who are completely aligned with the Universe, The Source, God are natural creators who live what seems to others like a "charmed", magical life, instantly manifesting anything at all into their own reality, the microcosm at will, just as God creates within the entire Universe, the Macrocosm. Such people are true Magicians, wizards and creators, and nothing is impossible to them.

Never, ever take anything at all for granted. Always feel deeply grateful for everything that happens in your reality, regardless of whether you consciously attracted it or whether you perceive it to be positive or negative. In the grand scheme of things everything that manifests into your physical reality is directly for the benefit of your own personal evolution, and you should be most grateful for it whether you consciously brought it into your own reality or not.

Being deeply grateful also helps to ensure that you never convey the Energy of dissatisfaction, which is a very negative Energy, and therefore from a physical perspective a very destructive emotion. Dissatisfaction, ungratefulness or unhappiness will send the wrong Energy into the Universe, which will in turn react with immutable perfection in reciprocating those negative emotions with more of the same. So whatever you feel dissatisfied, ungrateful or unhappy about will appear into your physical reality even stronger than ever, creating a vortex of negative Energy as causes with correspondingly negative effects.

Conversely, those things that you feel extremely satisfied, grateful and happy about will create a much higher, positive vibration, attracting more of the same into your life. The Universe always naturally moves in the direction of expansion and evolution, and never of contraction or destruction, so positive emotions are always much more powerful than negative emotions even though they are both Energy causes with the corresponding effects.

These then are the five powerful steps to attracting anything you could possibly desire into your life, where you can enjoy those desires into your own experiential physical reality. All of these five steps are individually very powerful indeed in their own right, but collectively they influence Energy so powerfully that you can manifest almost anything you desire into your personal reality with what might seem like amazing speed. You will soon come to know the truth that there is nothing that you cannot be, do or have. This process is an entirely aspect of the Universe; God always intended us to be joyous creators in the microcosm just as He/She is a joyous creator in the Macrocosm, and it is the destiny of mankind to understand these truths thereby realising the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.

Our Ultimate RealityThe entire Universe always moves in the direction of expansion, evolution and life, and as an extension of The Source Energy it is your destiny to live in harmony with The Universe, The Source, with God. So create joyfully in the knowledge that you are fulfilling your role as a co-creator in the Universe. The Universe is infinitely abundant and enjoys infinite expansion and growth. Never therefore be ashamed, hesitant or unhappy about creation; create anything and everything you desire with great Joy, Love and Gratitude in the certain knowledge that you are an immortal aspect of God, a Spiritual Being, a co-creator within this magnificent Universe as you joyfully fulfil the ultimate reality of evolving back to The First Cause, The Source, back to God from when you first came as an immortal Spiritual Being.

This article is excerpted from Our Ultimate Reality, Life, the Universe and the Destiny of Mankind.


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