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Getting Criminals to 'Talk' Through Hypnosis

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In this method, no chemicals or drugs are injected in the body.

By Ajay Pauranik / Source: DNA India

This is one information 'extraction' method that security agencies would like to implement in the earnest. A method where a criminal or accused would give the information without him/her being injected with any drug.

Taking hypnosis to the next level, Professor Sudhir Khetawat of Hypnotherapy Research Center Indore, on Tuesday, talked about how forensic hypnosis -- a harmless psychosomatic technique -- can be used to crack unsolved crime mysteries long after the crimes have been committed.

He was addressing the officers from police forces of various states, army and paramilitary forces during the third National Cyber Training Programme at Police Radio Training School.

"Criminals or extremists often have a tendency to pretend forgetting things or series of events after they land in police net. The investigators are then left with no option but to make them undergo Narco Analysis test where chemicals are injected into the body of the suspect to extract truth.

In contrast, forensic hypnosis can prove to be an easy and better method to get truth out of such hardened criminals. In this method, no chemicals or drugs are injected in the body for interrogation. It is an altered stated of consciousness; induced state of relaxation and a state of heightened focal concentration, where a person is open to suggestion or confession," he said.

Elaborating on the benefits of the technique, Khetawat said, "With forensic hypnosis, truth about any crime can be sought from the suspect, accused or witness as this method helps to bring out hidden memories from one's subconscious mind even if the crime was committed several years ago."'

Allegations of torture by the police during interrogation are common but with forensic hypnosis, there is no need to use any pressure or torturous technique to extract information of crime.

"Subconscious mind is memory bank of any person and he/she never forgets what happened or what they did in long past. So one can instantly recollect minute details with time and date of any crime committed even 10 to 20 years ago by sending the suspect or accused into trance during forensic hypnosis," he added.

While the exact legal status of forensic hypnosis in the country is still unclear, Professor Sudhir Khetawat said he had sent a proposal to Registrar, MP High Court urging to provide it a legal sanction in trial courts.

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