The Curse of Perfectionism

MindTrip MagazineBy Noam Lightstone,
Author of
Mastery Of The Mind

Most people consider perfectionism to be a desirable trait. As a perfectionist you are sought after for being attentive to detail, analytical, always trying to do the absolute best, never quitting, never stopping, and making sure everything is of tip-top quality. No stone is left unturned. No negatives are allowed. Everything must be absolutely amazing!

I think you can tell what's coming but I'm about to tell you that perfectionism is one of the most terrible maladies to suffer from. Yes, SUFFER from. Anyone who only sees the first paragraph as the entire story... get ready, I'm about to tell you about how a perfectionism can invade your mind and disrupt all that is good.


There are many possible ways the mindset of perfectionism begins in childhood.

It could have been through bullying and having your self-esteem slowly chipped away, like the trunk of a tree being slowly sawed down until that tall, impressive entity tumbles.

Perhaps it was through critical parents, always pushing their children to do better in school, never acknowledging their accomplishments, being upset when they "just have fun".

As this transfers over into adult life, it is exacerbated by individuals who may be unrelenting in criticism, such as bosses, significant others, and poisonous acquaintances.

Everything couples together telling the individual that they are not good enough as they are and must keep their defences up. Any criticism cuts to their core of previous jaunts at their fragile lives, which they have tried so hard to change based on the opinions of others.

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