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Did I Know My Doggy In Another Life?

Monica Cafferky discovers that the bond she shares with pet Tilly could have been formed in ancient Egypt

By Monica Cafferky / Source: The Express

For thousands of years Eastern religions have embraced the idea of reincarnation for human souls but what about animals? Can they reincarnate too?

Growing numbers of spiritual philosophers, healers and animal communicators believe so.

Curious, I did a quick internet search and found hundreds of links to people talking about their experiences, "My dog was my husband in a former life" being my favourite.

My interest in pet reincarnation started when I read animal communicator and healer Madeleine Walker's latest book, Your Pets' Past Lives And How They Can Heal You.

I couldn't help but ponder whether I had in fact shared a past life with my dog Tilly, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

I quite liked the idea: me as a Victorian lady and Tilly as my pampered pooch, which is what she is now.

I've had Tilly since she was a puppy. She's like my little shadow, I even take her to posh hotels and I adore everything about her.

Curiosity winning out, I book a telephone reading with Madeleine.

A former veterinary nurse who lives in Taunton, Somerset, she has been healing animals for 12 years and doing past life pet readings for 10.

Before we get down to the nitty gritty I ask her how it works.

"I work with a photo and hair sample of the animal for distance readings, tuning into the animal's energy, but I also do face-to-face or nose-to-nose readings," she explains.

"The animals communicate with me telepathically and show me video clips from their past lives in my mind, then convey the emotional or physical issues attached to that incarnation. Their 'voices' all have different tones, speed and pitch."

Madeleine believes we all travel in soul families and we can choose to have many lifetimes together in different guises. She tells me that some animals reincarnate as humans and vice versa.

I consider myself to be a healthy sceptic in all things spiritual. I'm open-minded but if it sounds bonkers, or doesn't feel right, then it's not for me.

Yet I do feel deeply connected to Tilly and I'm quite excited to find out if there's a spiritual reason.

Madeleine starts by revealing that Tilly, who is seven, is chatty and regal. That's not a surprise. She's a quick-thinking dog and likes to be treated like a princess. There's no dirty bedding or walking through puddles for her.

Madeleine then explains the images she is picking up during the reading using a photo and hair sample I have sent in advance. They're not what I was expecting at all.

"Tilly is showing me a life in Egypt where you were a male scribe under her tutelage. It was 3,000 years ago, your job was to write down esoteric knowledge to record the ancient teachings for future reference and for posterity."

I'm stunned to hear this information. Ancient Egypt? Tilly the boss? But I decide to go with the flow and see what else Madeleine picks up.

"Your work was destroyed by corrupt, greedy priests who had moved away from the spiritual path. You were devastated. The energy that Tilly is conveying, from your soul from that lifetime, is one of disempowerment and despair."

Madeleine adds: "Tilly says you have great potential. Your job in this life is to share the truth with as many people as possible and know that there are choices."

As I listen, I look at my dog snuggling beside me on the sofa.

Can this be true? Tilly opens her eyes and stares at me as if urging me to take it all in.

Madeleine continues: "Your dog is saying that she also came into your life to help heal your heart chakra.

"In this life, your heart chakra was damaged again by another trauma. I feel it's connected to your father. I have a sense that he's no longer here."

I'm stunned and on the verge of tears. My father died when I was 11. One of my strongest memories is crying at his funeral. I felt like my heart was breaking.

We all have seven chakra points that work together to keep us spiritually strong. Did I shut down my heart chakra when my father died?

How can Madeleine know about this? The only explanation is that Tilly is telling her, which to me is mind-blowing.

Madeleine explains that often animals come into our life because of a past life connection.

She adds: "Tilly is here now to help open your heart chakra. Her unconditional love for you helped you to heal your past life trauma.

"She's says that she can help you far more by being a dog as it's the best way to get into your heart and work in profound ways with you."

I feel very moved and start crying because whenever I hold my dog close, or look into her big eyes, I feel my heart expand.

I feel such a connection of pure love for her that is untainted by the stuff of human relationships and believe that what Madeleine is saying is true.

Tilly's love did heal my broken heart. My little dog helped me move on from the loss that I'd carried around for years following my dad's death.

Madeleine tells me that Tilly thinks being a journalist is the perfect profession for me as it resonates with my passion to inform.

It's a nice idea to think that somehow in this life we find the souls who have been good to us in the past.

It seems that for me, it was Tilly who was destined to come into my life to bring me comfort after my father's death and even guide me on my path as a writer.

Next time I stare into her eyes, I'll remember that I'm looking into the soul of an ancient and wise being.

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