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How to Double Your Memory Power in 5 Minutes

By Gary Busey/ Source: Power Memory Formula

I like to share with you a very simple memory releasing technique that will double your brain's short term memory capacity to develop photographic memory while you're on your way to work tomorrow.

The technique is simple.

Here goes:

As you're on your way to work, for a duration of 5 minutes... at every 30 seconds you glance quickly at something passing by then look away...

...and then try to remember what you saw as vividly as you can.

Do this simple exercise 5 minutes each day for the next 5 days and you'll double your short term memory's capacity in no time.

That's it! It's that easy to double your memory!

You see, your memory works in a very special way

Each and every time you practice this exercise, you trick your brain into paying attention and storing more of what you see.

Your short term memory exists because your brain doesn't want to store everything you come across.

But it doesn't know what you'll need and what to discard at any given moment.

So it chucks everything each moment into a temporary storage bin.

If you don't recall it within a couple minutes your brain figures its useless data and dumps it to prevent clutter.

By asking back for the contents of these bins before dump time your brain automatically starts hanging onto them longer in anticipation that you may need them transferring them into long term storage.

It also tries to make the bins bigger as you demand more details.

Just practicing this over a week forces your memory to become more effective.

And don't worry, you can't fill up your memory in one lifetime anyway, so don't feel bad for it.

Power Memory Formula

Power Memory

Photographic Memory

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