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Remote Viewers Predict Solar Storms

Exclusive Interview with Major Ed Dames
By Laurie Nadel, Ph.D., host of
The Dr. Laurie Show

"I never worry about the future. It comes soon enough," Albert Einstein allegedly wrote.

But NASA scientists are not on the same page as Einstein. "As we approach the net peak of solar activity expected in 2013, our nation faces multiplying uncertainties from increasing reliance on space weather-affected technologies," stated a press release issued a meeting of the Space Weather Enterprise Forum met in Washington, D.C. on June 8th.

NASA and The National Academy of Sciences are urging the nation's public utilities and Federal government to create back-up systems for power grids and satellite communications before strikes. NASA predicts that a super storm would strike "like a bolt of lightning" that would change the earth's magnetic field so that everything from car navigation systems, cell phones, computers, banking systems, and air travel would be shot.

In fact, anything that relies on electricity as a power source could be incapacitated within minutes. Not only would the bill to fix the damage cost billions, the loss of electricity around the planet would plunge some societies back to the pre-industrial era.

In league with NASA scientists, New York Times' best-selling author Gregg Braden expects that when the earth completes its transit of the Equator of the Milky Way, sometime between 2013 and 2015, electromagnetic storms and solar flares will destroy power grids and damage communications systems.

The British scientific community is also sounding alarms.

According to UK's The Telegraph, "national power grids could overheat and air travel could be severely disrupted... electronic items, navigation devices and major satellites could stop working after the sun reaches its maximum power in a few years."

Solar Storms Have Been Predicted for 15 Years

Such prognostications are not news if you have been listening to Dr. Doom. A former psychic spy for U.S. military intelligence, Major Ed Dames (aka "Dr. Doom") has been predicting devastating solar storms for the past 15 years or so. In his DVD, Viewing the Future: Grim Predictions by Major Ed Dames, he talks about his vision of "the killshot," a solar storm of such magnitude that it will fry satellites, power grids, and vast tracts of the earth's surface. According to Major Dames, his vision of "the killshot" forms the basis of the film Knowing,starring Nicholas Cage.

As the author of a best-selling book (Sixth Sense: Unlocking Your Ultimate Mind Power) which explores the history of the Pentagon's remote viewing program and a talk radio host who has interviewed the most prominent researchers in remote viewing and New Science, I have found myself drawn into a discussion of whether or not remote viewing can be an accurate tool for predicting events that have not yet happened.

Major Paul Smith, President of the International Remote Viewing Association and a veteran of the U.S. Army's remote viewing program believes that remote viewing is an excellent tool for locating and describing a target in a distant geographic location, unknown to the remote viewer.

"When we examine the future, we have to factor in free will and a number of unknowns that cannot be specified ahead of time," Major Smith told me. Or, as Yoda would say, "Future cloudy."

Although a growing body of scientific evidence gives new gravitas to this remote viewer's predictions of solar storms, other events -- including an Armageddon-like war in the Middle East in 2009 -- have not occurred. Although North Korea has behaved belligerently, it has not provoked a full-scale war in the Pacific, as he predicted for 2009, as well. On June 29, Dr. Doom told George Noory on "Coast to Coast AM":

  • The oil volcano in the Gulf will lead to mass evacuations after this season's hurricane winds blow toxic chemicals in the Gulf onto the mainland, polluting food and water sources.
  • The U.S. will conduct clandestine operations when Israel goes to war with Iran.
  • By the end of December, the stock market will drop below 2,000. Gold will rise to $3,500.

I recently caught up with Dr. Doom in between trips to the Ukraine and Sacramento. After he used remote viewing to find his soul mate in the Ukraine, Major Dames traveled halfway around the world to meet and marry her. He now commutes between their home and his company headquarters in Sacramento.

Interview with Dr. Doom

If you are squeamish about the future, listen to this interview at your own risk!

Q: Ed, how did you get the nickname Dr. Doom?

ED: I got that name before I became Operations and Training Officer of the Remote Viewing Unit. Prior to that, I was one of the nation's five or six targeting officers at very celestial levels of the Office of the Secretary of Defense. I chose some of this country's targets to penetrate, using intelligence means and methods. I used to brief at the Old Executive Office at the Whitehouse -- I was the youngest briefing officer at the time -- and I was this country's biological warfare case officer. A lot of the movies that you see out there were taken from ideas that line producers heard me speak about in public. Tom Cruise asked me to train Sir Ben Kingsley for Suspect Zero. I have a cameo in that movie as an FBI Remote Viewing Instructor. I get to have some fun sometimes, but I got the name Dr. Doom because where others would come in and brief on former Soviet megaton engines throwaway to nuclear weapons, I would tell the executives how they would die, using some very, very sinister Russian methods, using biological warfare, and we won't go into those now. So they began to call me Dr. Doom there, and the name stuck with me in the CIA and with the Army.

Q: How accurate were your predictions at the time using remote viewing?

ED: Well, at that time, I had access to satellites, agents on the ground, and many other things, some which are still classified. So remote viewing was only one of the things that we were using for predictive intelligence. Now we use it solely for predictive intelligence because we know how to depend on it.

Q: Can you explain to people what the "killshot" is?

ED: The "killshot" is the sun in the next five years, going on a rampage and producing extreme solar flares. What we're seeing is the sun producing a tremendous amount of flares over a long period of time and a drying up—actually creating a lot of heat on Earth, where the protons come down to the deck and heat up the Earth's atmosphere and dry up most of the Earth's fresh water. We are calling this sequence of events the "killshot," and that will eventually – many, many humans starving and dying.

Q: And you say that's going to be within the next five years?

ED: Correct.

Q: Is there anything that listeners or that we, as individuals could do other than stash a lot of water away?

ED: No, that won't help you because you'll run out of water. You need to be living in an area where there are ample supplies of fresh water to begin with; that's number 1.

Q: And Number 2?

ED: Get out of the cities, unless you live in a city that's civilized and there are very few of those. Wellington, New Zealand, for instance, about oh, 10-12 years ago, the Scandinavians put in the aluminum conduits for their power plants. They had a very hot summer and those things melted. So for six weeks, Wellington, New Zealand was without power; the entire city; the capital of New Zealand. During those six weeks, the cops had their feet up on their desks. Try to get away with that, and that's a city.

Q: In terms of your political, military remote viewing -- you see anything we should be aware of?

ED: The one thing I've been saying for 15 years, by looking ahead to see an important thing, we could potentially save lives. We wanted to know when the next use of a nuclear weapon would occur and where it would occur; use of a nuclear weapon in anger, where there's a mass loss of life, we were interested in that. The last time that happened was Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and when is it going to happen next, if at all? What we spotted 15 years ago was the use of a nuclear weapon on the Korean Peninsula by the North Koreans. Now, it was 15 years ago. So, I've been talking about that for 15 years. What we didn't see coming was the war, essentially Armageddon -- the destruction of ancient Persia by the Israelis.

Q: Do you see the United States being drawn in, in a military conflict?

ED: The whole world will be drawn in. World War III is different than the other two wars. It's going to be an extended war.

Q: Can you tell us a little bit about The Men Who Stare at Goats?

ED: Well, right now, I have a splitting headache; I've been staring at my goat all day. (Laughter) The goat has not dropped dead, but my next-door neighbor was taken away in an ambulance. Of course, the film is drama and entertainment. I talked to the technical advisor on film, and Kevin Spacey's role was modeled after me -- my real-life role persona -- which is funny because Sir Ben Kingsley actually played me in the movie Suspect Zero. So now, I've got Spacey and Kingsley, and my autobiography comes out next year, I get to choose who plays me.

Q: In The Men Who Stare at Goats, Kevin Spacey is playing the character based on you. Who is George Clooney's character based on?

ED: Colonel Jim Channon who now lives in a little village on the big island of Hawaii. He was the one who actually convinced General Stubblebine, the Commander of the Intelligence and Security Command, now defunct, of the U.S. Army to take notice of the Jedi Imperative to use mind techniques. Now, don't get me wrong. I'll be the first one to say that the mind is the final frontier and not space and that human potential is enormous, but it was too premature at that time to suggest that people could walk through walls and do the kinds of things that Colonel Channon wanted to do.

Q: Do you think it's premature now?

ED: Yes, it's still ahead of its time. I trained some of the best doctors in the world. But all of their knowledge comes from mind and we have to turn this into a skill. The discovery for how to do this was discovered 25 years ago. Now it's coming out in the civilian world. What we do is to take that innate skill and turn it into a rigorous skill. Everybody has the capability of speaking a language, but you've got to learn the structure, whether it's Chinese or English, or has the capability of running or learning how to play the piano. That has to be structured, disciplined, and rigorously applied before you can be a professional.

Q: Congratulations on your book deal. It's Matrix Intelligence: Remote Viewing Cases from the World's Premier Psychic Spy be published by Wiley and Sons. It should get a lot of critical and media attention.

ED: I really didn't want to write a book. People have been asking me to do this for more than a decade but I'm not interested in taking time away from my work to do that. But the pressure was really on, so I got arm twisted into writing this book.

Q: Well, I'm sure a lot of people are going to thank you for it and who would you really like to play you in the movie?

ED: Tom Cruise asked to play me. I don't know, Dr. Laurie. I honestly don't know. Peewee Herman? Mel Brooks?

Q: Well, it'll be fascinating to see who queues up for the audition. So, did you really stare at goats?

ED: No. Our counterparts -- the KGB -- the former KGB, now the FSB in Russia, they did something similar. They actually tried to stop the hearts of rabbits. They were unsuccessful, but we knew they were doing it. At the time, President Reagan was the president. They asked, "Look, do you think that they're trying to target the President of the United States?" And I said, 'Yes, they are but they are unsuccessful.' And they said, "Okay. We're out of here." I said, 'Hold on…just a second…" This is literal and it really happened. I said, "But they can get into the mind of Ronald Reagan and see what he's doing." And they said, "Uh, not our problem." The Secret Service said that. It really wasn't their problem because their job is to protect the security of the U.S. President.

Q: To protect his physical security. Not his mind?

ED: I thought that was so funny, I'm writing about it in my book. The chapter is called "Warn the Ether." Now, back to "Goats," the movie. Jon Ronson who wrote the book came to Maui to interview me. Remote Viewing is a serious thing in the military but unfortunately, our Commander General lost his balance. The Jedi Program was an attempt to save money and make super soldiers but it was kind of weird and that weirdness is what led Jon Ronson to write his book. That book was turned into a screenplay and now, it's a movie. It's great entertainment but the reality behind it was that yeah -- we were really using these techniques in the U.S. military. I use them today, and I teach them to find the remains of dead children, and child murderers, and terrorists. We take cases on a case-by-case basis. We pay for this ourselves. We just take the transport and everything. We use our own money, and we do the Remote Viewing, we find the missing child. In almost all cases, they're dead. About 10% of the time they're alive but 90% of the time, normally, they're murdered.

Q: Last time we spoke, you were I think just coming back from Detroit.

ED: I, personally, have to go back to Detroit. We were off about 300 meters -- about a thousand feet. So, I have to go back into the boondocks there and look for the remains of Tangina Hussein -- the little girl who was abducted.

Q: Let's go back to what you said about the remote viewing program being very serious but it had a kind of tinge of weirdness to it. Can you tell us about the serious part of the program -- because when people who look at The Men Who Stare at Goats, when they see that movie, they're not going to see much that's serious.

ED: I really don't care, personally what they see or what happens out there. I care about my own soul and what I'm doing. But the serious part was life or death. We had to use this tool. We had to develop it in the laboratory, this thing called Remote Viewing, the syntax, and grammar, if you will, for how the Unconscious really effectively communicates information to conscious awareness. Psychics don't know when they're on or off target. We studied the cognitive behavior of some of the best natural psychics on the planet when they were on target, but they, themselves, did not know when they were off target. We were able to discern when they were on target and study that cognitive behavior and take that, model it and say thank you very much. It was my job to take that model into the deep, dark world of intelligence and massage that into an intelligence-collection tool. Our job was to use this tool after we refined it. I've been teaching this for 25 years and it is still evolving into a tool we can use in a life or death situation. psychics. It's very much like a Google database where you have to turn your attention to a very, very specific point in time. Everything exists as a pattern of information. So, we don't stick our psychic antenna out there and say, "Hey, what's happening?" We have to use an idea concept, and we use that as a target. For instance, your location now, your mind, your children, whatever, that becomes a very, very specific target in terms of a person, place, thing, or an event. So, once we have a target, we hold it. For instance, the little girl that I'm going after in Southern California. She's not alive. We are going after her remains. Location becomes our target, not her.

Q: I had an amazing experience watching your Remote Viewing DVD course in that your explanation was so precise that I drew the target image for the first lesson almost exactly as the photograph was and had marked off the appropriate peaks with the right prioritization, and I kind of went into shock. I was just astounded at how precise it was.

ED: When I learned it from the the father of Remote Viewing, Ingo Swann, 25 years ago, I felt the same way. I was in just as much shock. Like, what did this? What part of me did this? How could something that I'm not in control of find that information? I was a control freak and still am, in terms of ego. When you remote view, you have to push that control function out the door. You can't have that. You can strap it back on after the session is over but during the session, you're very robotic. It's like playing the piano. You have to read the sheet music, which is the RV structure that we teach, and you cannot think. You have to keep on moving. So, I felt the same way. It was a life-changing experience. Now I can know anything, what do I want to know? It becomes more important because life is short.

Q: You raised a profound question, which is to keep questioning. How does the nature of the mind grow with the kind of questions that we ask?

ED: I feel very sorry for people that stop questioning. I feel very, very sorry for them because that's when life ends, even before the physical life ends as far as I'm concerned, personally.

Q: I agree with you. We're kind of in a dangerous place in our culture because people really have stopped questioning and have stopped thinking.

ED: Yeah, they've become sheep, if not robots. We have gone too far down the technological path.

Q: Right, and that's dangerous for democracy.

ED: It is, indeed. I live on the Russian border. My U.S. base of operations is in Sacramento because I do a lot of work here in the U.S., primarily, but I live on the Russian border in Ukraine and so, I warn people against this mentality about being sheep because people in Ukraine are even more sheep than we are here these days and times.

Q: How can remote viewing help people to wake up? I mean, is there any message that might come out of this movie that could possibly be of positive benefit?

ED: Oh, yes! I think the fun value. Really, the fun value alone is worth it because it's exciting. It calls into question -- okay -- this is funny but is it real?

Q: Is it real?

ED: Yeah, there are aspects about it that are real, so I think people will go out and seek those aspects that are real about it. I was in many, many dark, black intelligence units and one I was in dealt with deception, and we had a kind of a sliding scale. If you want to overthrow a foreign government, for instance, and deceive them, then -- cause I'm a very diabolical person; I'm not just a fun guy. I had to be diabolical to overthrow a foreign government. So, if you want to do that, you need to take your lie, however you wish to promulgate it -- and there are many ways -- it's complex to do that. You need to wrap that in the truth. So, the fish are not going to bite this particular bait unless you take the lie, about 15% lie, and wrap it in 80% truth. In Hollywood, it's the opposite. You have to take the truth and wrap it in a lie. The truth is the reality of remote viewing and the lie is the drama. The drama is fun for me. It was my job to brief the president of the United States and the National Security Council on potential threats using parapsychological mind weapons -- these are real things. They can really be done but only by the very, very advanced masters. The level that The Men Who Stare at Goats are below that level.

Q: Many things that are beyond the average human understanding can be accomplished with remote viewing, can they not?

ED: Oh, humans, humans. We, as a race, we don't know. We have no idea. We have no idea what we're capable of. What we teach you how to do is go into a supermind. The Unconscious mind really knows the answers because the egoic mind is the lower mind and it says, "Uh-huh, this must be right." I had the biggest ego in the world. I still have a huge ego, but when you remote view, that ego has to be placed aside and the results that you get, you may not like them. They may not cotton up to what the answer you want to be, but darn it, they're right. That's the structure and the reality we're talking about.

Laurie Nadel, Ph.D. gives one-on-one tutorials in lucid dreaming techniques. Visit her website at

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