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The Best Way to Visualize Your Dream Life

By Cornelis Boertjens, Creator of Vision Boards

Do you know how the life of your dreams looks like? Really know what it looks like and how it feels to live it on every level of your existence?

We all set goals in different areas of our lives, such as health, relationships or careers. Some of us also visualize these goals by creating images in our minds or physically on our wall or computer. This is even more effective, as this will assist in attracting these goals in to your reality. By visualizing them in detail, they become more and more real to yourself and particularly your subconscious mind. Especially when you really FEEL like you have already achieved these goals.

You see, your mind works like a magnet; whatever energy vibrations you radiate and send out with your thoughts and feelings is what you will attract to your life with regards to events, people or circumstances that will assist you in reaching your goals. Therefore, the Law of Attraction is the Law of Creation. You create your entire life through your own thoughts!

I wanted to share with you a way to apply these principles in an extremely powerful way: by visualizing your dream life like being in at the movies.

A blockbuster is showing called "My dream life"! Close your eyes, and start "acting" as the star in your own future! The time frame of your movie could be 5 years from now… So imagine your life, 5 years from now. You have achieved the goals and dreams you had set for yourself and you are truly living the life you wish to manifest.

Describe as detailed as you can:
Where do you live; at the beach, in the mountains?
What does your house look like?
What will you look like; healthier, fitter, and younger?
Who will you be spending time with, how much time will you be able to dedicate to this person or these persons and what will you be doing?
To whom or what will you be able to contribute today, how does that make you feel?
What is your level of happiness, and your level of gratitude and excitement?

Really get into this. Give yourself permission to dream BIG! See yourself living a wonderful life of balance in health, wealth, spirituality and social activities. Really FEEL like you are living this amazing life and know you deserve it. My recommendation is to do this every night. Why not spend the last 5 minutes of your day in your future dream life…. If you do this every night, with power and belief, and you take the necessary actions: one day you will find yourself living this dream life for real!

Cornelis Boertjens is the CEO of OrangePeel Vision Boards, an innovative company focused on inspiring people to achieve their goals in life using a unique software tool called "Vision Board". "Vision Board" is an easy and very powerful way of creating a Vision Board on your computer, combining your own dream images with your chosen affirmations and power words. It is the world's most powerful manifestation tool. Learn more here...

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The Vision Board enables the user to display pictures of their dreams, affirmations and power words on their computer screen. To check out how YOU can dramatically increase the change of reaching your goals in life and keep focused in a powerful and fun way, click here now!

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