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Can Dreams Reveal Winning Lottery Numbers?

By Randall Fitzgerald / MindTrip Magazine

Every once in a while the news media reports on how a state lottery jackpot winner claimed to have seen the winning numbers in a dream.

Time magazine profiled one such dreamer in December 2005, a 43-year-old Pakistani immigrant named Ihsanullah Khan, who drove a taxi cab in Washington and saw the numbers 2,4,6,17,25 and 31 appear in one of his dreams. He played those numbers and won a $55 million lottery jackpot.

But for those of you seeking quick shortcuts to riches, there's a catch to this story --- Khan had his prophetic dream and then spent the next 15 years playing the lottery using those numbers until his combination turned up. This is the sort of dedication and confidence that's sometimes required if our dreams are to come true.

How many other people have had similar intuitive dreams, I wondered, but dismissed the numbers that appeared as unimportant and failed to play them? More importantly, are there any dreamers who regularly intuit winning numbers and actually play them to win money? I began searching for such a gifted dreamer and may have found one in Florida.

People who know Janine Cox invariably use these words to describe her: beautiful, stunning, raven haired, bright dark eyes, fair skin, eclectic, charismatic, highly intuitive and a very lucky lady. By any reasonable standard, her intuitive luck experiences have been nothing short of phenomenal.

Over a 33-day period beginning in September 1998, while working as a paralegal at a large Fort Lauderdale law firm, Janine amazed and enthralled her co-workers by repeatedly winning the Cash 3, Play 4, and Fantasy 5 games in the Florida state lottery. What dumbfounded Janine's co-workers even more than her success was how she accomplished her feat--each night she had dreams foretelling the next day's winning sequence of numbers.

Win Streak Starts After Dreaming About Her Dead Father

She told me how her win streak started in the aftermath of a dream about her deceased father. "In the dream, he was standing there talking to me and the room was dark. He said he was trying to help me but had been having difficulty getting through. He said, 'Play the 7912 and you'll win!'" She woke up and wrote down the number sequence and played it that afternoon to win $5,000 in the Play 4 state lottery drawing.

After this experience, Janine continued playing and winning sizeable amounts of money in the lottery using only the numbers she visualized in her dreams. One of her co-workers, legal secretary Susan Miller, admitted to me in an interview that in the beginning everyone in their law office laughed at Janine's claims about having prophetic dreams. "But as Janine began winning, everyone's attitude changed and they got real serious about her numbers. For an entire month she won consistently and everyone, even the attorneys, were asking for her numbers and betting on her picks at lunch time."

A paralegal in the firm's litigation department, Ron Warner, was also initially skeptical about Janine's claims, until he began to see the results firsthand. "Janine would come up to me at noon and say, 'I had another dream. Let's go play my numbers.' So I made about a dozen trips with her to watch her place bets."

During their lunch trips each day, Janine and Ron drove down Federal Highway to the Jai-Alai building where counters of agents were waiting to take bets on the lottery, dog and horse races, and Jai-Alai, a sport that originated in the Basque region of Spain. Janine usually handed over her betting money to a ticket agent with brazenly confident comments such as, "I already know who will win! Please punch them up for me."

Lottery Dominator

Witnesses Become Believers

After repeatedly watching Janine perform this ritual, Ron Warner became a confirmed believer. "It was amazing to watch her. Every time we went she had winning tickets to redeem. She was betting a few bucks, and getting hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars back. She wasn't just winning the lottery games. She would hit two or three tickets at a time for $400 each by betting on dog races using the numbers she saw. She definitely has a golden gift."

In another of Janine's dreams a tiny Buddha figure informed her that he had come to answer one of her prayers. "The Buddha told me to play HIS number. And I said, 'What do you mean play your number?' And he said, 'the Budha number. Play my lucky Buddha number 498.' I went to work and told people about the dream and we all loaded up on the Buddha number." A few days later in January 2001, the Cash 3 numbers came up 498 in the Florida lottery. Janine e-mailed the Florida lottery headquarters with the news that her dream had come true. A state lottery employee named Rebecca e-mailed Janine back this intriguing admission: "We have had Florida LOTTO jackpot winners before who claimed to have gotten their numbers in dreams, so I know it can happen!"

During childhood Janine trained herself to control the imagery in her dreams so she could stop having nightmares. At age 13 she read a book about lucid dreaming and that inspired her to practice her own form of dream incubation. While falling asleep, she would set an intention and concentrate on having dreams about numbers associated with the winners at a dog racetrack called the Palm Beach (Florida) Kennel Club, near her home.

"I would see myself at the club flying over the crowd and I would see the tote board and the race results. They would be racing at 9 p.m., around the time I was in bed. The next morning I would check the results to see how accurate I was. Over time, I got more accurate. Then I started trying to jump into the future. As I drifted off to sleep I would say over and over, 'Now I am at the Palm Beach Kennel Club.'"

Why Not The Big Jackpots?

By now you're probably asking yourself the obvious question: why hasn't Janine picked all six numbers and won millions of dollars in the state lottery? Janine told me she has a theory about the reason why the biggest prizes of all have eluded her.

"I think it has to do with the mind's ability to recognize and retain the higher digits. The Cash 3 and Play 4 are pretty easy for me to see. The Fantasy 5, Pick 6, and MegaMoney games are far more difficult. I believe it is connected to the hard-wiring of the human brain, since the brain is not capable of recognizing any number greater than the number 5 without actually counting and calculating the numbers. With a three digit number, I see it in the dream and it freeze-frames for a moment, so that my mind remembers what I saw when I wake up. Four digits and more bounce around on me. Sometimes the numbers will fluctuate and roll around and I can't nail them still long enough to memorize what I saw in the dream."

Numbers can also play tricks on her. A 6 will turn out to really be a 9, or a 0 may mean either an actual 0, or that zero is an unknown number. Sometimes she will see the image of a car odometer with the numbers appearing, or she visualizes ping pong balls with lottery numbers on them. If she hears a lottery number spoken in a dream, especially if it's spoken by a dream character such as a race track announcer, her accuracy rate on predicting winning numbers is much higher.

"My dream numbers, when they come true, normally manifest within ten days of my dream. The thing that short-circuits me is food. The longer I fast the more accurate I become. All of the body energy goes to work digesting, so there's no energy left for me to dream quest with."

Lucky You"Our basic survival instinct is at play when we are asleep. The unconscious mind stays alert for any imminent physical danger -- kind of like a motion detector -- when a person is asleep. It goes back to primitive man, when humans had to be concerned about being attacked and eaten by something much bigger while sleeping. When asleep we are at our most vulnerable. So it makes sense that during sleep our subconscious mind is out there like a probe feeling for threats to survival. The need for money to survive is almost innate in me. So it makes sense to me that my subconscious mind would pick up on winning numbers because winning money equals survival."

Randall Fitzgerald is the author of Lucky You: Proven Strategies for Finding Good Fortune: Proven Strategies You Can Use to Find Your Fortune


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