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Dreams Reveal Winning Lotto Numbers

By Randall Fitzgerald / Author of Lucky You: Proven Strategies for Finding Good Fortune

Over a 33-day period beginning in September 1998, Janine Cox amazed and enthralled her co-workers at a Fort Lauderdale, Florida law firm by winning the Cash 3, Play 4, and Fantasy 5 games nearly every day in the Florida state lottery.

What dumbfounded Janine's co-workers even more than her uncanny success was how she managed this feat -- each night she dreamt the next day's winning numbers.

I have interviewed Janine and her co-workers numerous times and you, the readers of Phenomena, are the first to receive a sneak preview of what I found out about her extraordinary gift.

Her win streak started in the aftermath of a dream she had about her deceased father. "In the dream, he was standing there talking to me and the room was dark. He said he was trying to help me but had been having difficulty getting through. He said, 'Play the 7912 and you'll win!'"

She woke up and wrote down the number, played it that afternoon, and that night won $5,000 in the Play 4 state lottery drawing. When her father had been alive, Janine always used to give him her lucky numbers each day and he would often win. In the dream, he seemed to be returning the favor.

After this experience Janine continued playing and winning sizeable amounts of money in the lottery using the numbers she visualized in her dreams. One of her co-workers, legal secretary Susan Miller, admitted to me in an interview that initially everyone in the law office laughed at Janine, the young and beautiful paralegal, refusing to believe her claims. "But as Janine began winning, everyone's attitude changed and they got real serious about her numbers. For an entire month she won consistently and everyone, even the attorneys, were betting on her picks."

Another paralegal, Ron Warner, also felt skeptical about Janine's claims until he began to see the results firsthand. "Janine would come up to me at noon and say, 'I had another dream. Let's go play my numbers.' So I made about a dozen trips with her to watch her place bets."

Warner quickly became a confirmed believer. "It was amazing to watch her. Every time we went she had winning tickets to redeem. She was betting a few bucks, and getting hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars back."

As I did, you probably are asking yourself the obvious question: why doesn't she hit six numbers correctly and win millions of dollars all at once? There is an answer, one that makes sense to me, and it involves a peculiar aspect of the human mind.

Another question that might come up for you, as it did me, is whether any of the rest of us can train ourselves to dream winning lottery numbers, horse race winners, sports event winners, or profitable stock picks. What I found may truly astound you! Stay tuned for future columns on these and other aspects of precognitive dreaming.

Randall Fitzgerald is the author of
Lucky You: Proven Strategies for Finding Good Fortune

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