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Extraterrestrial Mind Control in India

Staff Reporter,
India Daily

Mind control is a vast subject matter involving many levels of sophisticated technologies designed to control human thought, emotion and behavior. Many countries are researching this as a “non-lethal weapons technology” for a long time.

This was used first during the Second World War and then it continued to be used by various military in the world. This subject matter is private, rarely published to inform the public and is regarded as most “critical” weapon of the future. The methods known based on published research papers are complex and involve many activities. The primary goal of these methods is to control the mind without letting people know that their minds are controlled. This method involves physical, mental, emotional and spiritual components.

In spite of thousands of UFO sightings all over the world, the fact never comes out in public. India is no exception in this matter. While a secret debate is on whether to reveal the truth, there are evidence of application of mind control techniques of Indian politicians.

According to experts not all minds can be controlled. Certain personalities are difficult to hypnotize. These personalities rarely get subjected to mind control. According to India’s paranormal scientists, the UFO debate will continue to grow in intensity if the Mind Control theory is true.

India has experienced several UFO sightings in recent days. Every part of the country in the last two years has reported UFOs and suspicious activities. While the Government (current Congress and the opposition when in power one year back) have refused to comment on the UFO sightings. The military is tight lipped and only sporadically some of military personnel speak on their existence.

It is quite clear that hypno-programming is being applied in India’s Government officials and people of influence in a very sophisticated manner. While every one is concerned and scared about terrorism from Pakista’s ISI, Al-Queda and others, very few politicians in India are show their concerns about UFOs in the public.

One thing that hypno-therapists say is that once someone is under mind control, their minds go into a quasi hybernation or sleeping state. They lose their ability to react fast enough to things happening in front of their eyes. In other words parts of the brain is busy in doing other things. During the recent Tsunami, all the Government infrastructure just refused to react for hours before all damage was complete. The politicians just failed to react. There can be no reason for that other than their brain (all of them) was sluggish.

Researchers also say, if a brain is under mind control phenomenon, the brain is sluggish initially but when something catastrophic happens, the mind reacts with much extra agility and mobility. That is exactly what happened here too. After the damage was done and the politicians “woke up from hibernation”, they reacted fast, mobilized the military, devoted all the resources and the world saw one of the most efficient relief and rescue operations in India without any International Non Government Relief Organizations. The same politicians and their assistants who did not move for hours before the Tsunami in spite of several warnings from different directions and sent faxes to wrong numbers causing thousands of innocent people die, became super agile after the Tsunami and did a fantastic clean up and relief operation.

In alien mind controlled systems, the methods are more subtle and sophisticated. Overt methods are not as evident, but the psychic programming is still present. Psychic and spiritual linking makes it more difficult to detect and the mind control mechanisms are much wide spread that we can think.

A local Government official was shown some strange lights and flying crafts in Port Blair, Andaman a few days before the Tsunami. He observed it and promised to look into the matter. After the Tsunami, the same person denied remembering anything about it.

India and Pakistan’s recent peace initiatives are interesting too, both were about to nuke each other just a few years back. Something happened all on a sudden and both the leaderships are proceeding to make relations better and settle all the disputes amicably. There is nothing strange about settling things in a peaceful manner – as a matter of fact that can be the best thing possible. But the way it is done is interesting. Both sides are facing stumbling blocks and occasionally flare up against each other but something or someone is controlling both the parties to come back to the table and move on with talks. They have agreed to nothing substantial as of today even after a year of negotiation but they keep coming back to the table and move forward. Both the parties are showing enough patience and maturity that were absolutely absent a few years back.

One explanation of this is in the fact that somehow some mind control work is being applied to relieve the world from the worst flashpoint of nuke exchanges.

SOURCE: India Daily

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