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Power of the Mind? Electromagnetic Waves Create Miracles by Traversing Higher Dimensions

India Daily

Scientists are modeling the power of mind in terms of complex spatial structures in the fifth and higher dimensions. Simply put, the human mind is much more powerful than we think. The mind can generate enormous electromagnetic flux that traverses in higher dimensions and create miracles.

The science of telepathy is finally getting explained with contemporary physics that nullifies the traditional old quantum physics.

Human mind and soul can generate powerful spatial structures that allow communicating with other mind through higher dimensions. The new physics can start to explain the concept of consciousness, spirituality and more.

Now we have started to understand that miracles, healing and other so called magical effects are actually true. The power of positive thinking is getting reconfirmation from the scientific community.

It is possible to apply will power and create miracles. The power of mind is unleashed when we can concentrate and focus on something. The fact is that prayers have a meaning and that can heavily influence an outcome.

What is also interesting is that science is finding that mind needs a focal point to focus on to traverse the higher dimension of spatial structures and unleash its power. The religious beliefs provide this focal point.

The higher dimensions beyond our four dimensional universe does not work with quantum physics. Our traditional physics just fails to exists in the parallel Universe higher dimensions.

SOURCE: India Daily

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