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Free Energy healing Masterclass back by popular demand!

Source: Energy Healing Masterclass

Here's your chance to attend the FREE Masterclass at Mindvalley's new academy Soulvana (a bi-monthly free event, featuring the world's most extraordinary personal growth teachers).

This particular training, called Activate Your Higher Energy by bestselling author and master energy therapist, Carol Tuttle, is about energy healing mastery, and how to make it a powerful force in your life — so you can enjoy life on your terms.

And it's happening on Tuesday, September 22nd.

Get your free ticket here >>

Here's exactly what you'll learn in this class:

  • You'll discover your unique energy profile — and find out how it enables you to naturally attract success in EVERY area of your life.

  • Enjoy using this knowledge to improve your life, feel tremendous confidence and eliminate virtually all struggle and stress.

  • Avoid the ONE major "energy" misconception which creates 90% of ALL your problems!

  • Learn how to accelerate healing, live at your highest calling and create total abundance.

  • You’ll learn how EVERYONE can become a master energy healer — including YOU — and why this is so important in the world we live in.
And much more...

In other words, this Masterclass is too important to miss.

“HSbanner1"If you ever wished you could:

>>> Experience total vitality and energy

>>> Easily discover your life purpose

>>> Feel tremendous confidence and self-belief

>>> Eliminate virtually all struggle and stress

>>> Increase your income

>>> Improve your relationships

>>> Feel "in flow" and in alignment

>>> Accelerate your body's healing

>>> Magnify your potential in ALL areas

... Then you've got to check out this complimentary ENERGY HEALING SESSION.

P.S. Do you know that energy healing is one of the world's oldest personal growth tools ever?

Yes, that's true. If you take a look at ancient eastern cultures, you'll see a heavy reliance on energy healing. The ancient Indian spiritual tradition, which is over 5,000 years old, speaks of a universal energy called Prana, while the Chinese called it Ch’i. They both believed it to be one of the most potent tools for healing yourself and creating change in life.

Learn more about it in this Masterclass — sign up FREE >>

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