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How to Create In the Eternal Now

By Adrian Cooper
Excerpt from Our Ultimate Reality

“Time” is an illusion, a purely human construct of mankind, designed for convenience in order to measure a perceived “past”, “present” and “future”. The illusion of “time” on Earth is maintained by means of a scientific measurement of the relative positions of the Earth and the Sun in the physical three dimensional Universe in order to observe the seasons and the time the Earth takes for a complete rotation relative to the Sun in the measurement of ongoing “time”, in turn measured by various physical instruments such as clocks, calendars and charts.

Beyond the perceptions of most of those in the physical world, “time” simply does not exist. There is only Now, the Eternal Now where everything that has happened, is happening and ever will happen relative to the Earth concept of time already exists, always has existed and always will exist. Beyond Earth therefore the concepts of “past, present and future” simply do not and cannot exist.

The entire Universe from The Source, The First Cause, God is Energy vibrating at a frequency relative to The Source, The Source being the very centre of the Universe of Energy and the physical world being the outermost shell, the physical three dimensional Universe as observed by means of the physical senses and by science, existing at the lowest rate of vibration and the highest density. It should also be mentioned that the physical Universe of matter represents only a tiny fraction of the Universe of Energy and vibration in its entirety.

All Energy is influenced by the causation of thought before configuring under the influence of that thought, manifesting as an observable effect in the plane at which the thought originated. Everything that happens, ever happened and ever will happen in the entire Universe therefore, including the physical world, first originated as a thought originating from the Mind of a Being, and which thought in turn has its corresponding effect on the Energy of the Causal Spheres of the Universe while becoming the corresponding and potentially observable effect.

The Ultimate act of Creation by The First Cause, The Source, God of the entire Universe in all of its glorious spheres, planes and dimensions originated in the very beginning as a thought in the Mind of God. It can be truly said therefore that we all exist as “expressions”, within the Mind of God, made in the true Spiritual image of God.

Since the beginning of the human concept of “time” mankind has sought to live life based around that concept, thereby always thinking in terms of past present and future rather than Now. The Universe and the Energy we influence in the creation of our own individual realities have no concept of time, only Now, and as a result there is a no past or future irrespective of how much mankind forces his own existence around those erroneous notions. This tendency to force everything to happen in compliance with a notional concept of “time” has a very profound effect on the lives of those who do not fully understand these realities.

When a person thinks in the future tense, for example “ I will”, “I want”, “I could” then the Energy being influenced by those thoughts that can manifest into individual reality will be influenced only in the Now, with the perceived future never actually arriving. So if someone thinks, says or behaves in a manner that implies “I want”, then that person is placing themselves into a perpetual state of “wanting” but never of actually receiving. The vast majority of the human race today exists to some extent in a state of such wanting, while never being in a state of Mind, Energy and vibration to receive that which they “want”.

The Universe, The Source, God is immutable, absolutely perfect in every possible respect, and will accordingly always respond to a thought in its absolute terms rather than a human concept. “I want” literally creates a state of “wanting” perpetually until if or at such time whatever is associated with that thought is shifted to a state of “having” in the Now, which will then allow the object of that thought to manifest from a perpetual want into the actual Now, and accordingly into the individual, observable reality of the person originating that thought.

The importance of the Eternal Now simply cannot be over-emphasised. It is one of the most fundamental influences on the ability to create our own realities Now, rather than perpetually being frozen in a state of wanting but never receiving, a state that many find themselves in today.

The next chapters of this book we will address the importance of only thinking and acting in terms of the present tense in the context of total control over your own life and reality, enabling you to realise the potential that is within every human being, to have anything you can possibly desire. Always remember, there is nothing that you cannot be, do or have.

The importance of the Eternal Now must be fully grasped and fully understood as a continuous aspect of enjoying total fulfilment, joy and evolution. How we think has the most profound effect over the effects that occur in our lives; nothing has a more profound effect.

It is not sufficient to only recognize and express these fundamental Universal laws when it suits us, when we desire something or when there is a situation that demands it, it is absolutely necessary to live life completely in accordance with these immutable Universal laws. Those who do live their lives, either consciously or subconsciously according to these Universal laws will always seem to others to live a “charmed”, “lucky” “fortunate” existence, when in fact they are in reality living a Magical life, always in total control over their own individual reality, and always in a higher degree of harmony, Energy and vibration with the Universe compared to their less notionally “charmed”, “lucky” or “fortunate” family, friends and others around them.

In order to begin the process of living the life of your desires in which you have a total control first of all requires awareness. Rather than thinking random thoughts, all of which will have their corresponding effects whether observable or not, start to become fully aware of how, what and why you are thinking what you are. This is where powers of concentration as developed by virtue of the exercises in the previous chapter of this book are so valuable. Presence of Mind, awareness and concentration are a very powerful combination indeed in creating your own reality and living that Magical life that many can only dream of.

Always think as you wish things to Be, Now.

Two of the most powerful words that you can possibly think or say are “I Am”. As you live your life therefore the first stage of awareness is to always stop your thoughts short of a statement that implies the future tense and to transmute it into the present tense. So “I will” becomes “I am”, “I want” becomes “I have” and “I might” becomes “I do”. Also keep in Mind that there is absolutely no such concept as “try”. We either Do something in the present Now, or we do not Do anything; “try” simply does not exist except as a concept of a person wishing to achieve something.

I “want to feel well” should not be allowed to proceed as a thought and should be immediately become “I am feeling so well”. This thought takes the reality of feeling well from some point in the perceived future that never arrives, to actually feeling well in the present. So a strong thought of “I am feeling so well” will manifest into your reality in the Now, and you will indeed feel well in accordance with the effect of the causation of your “I am feeling so well” thought on the causation of the Universal Energy involved.

Similarly, if you have a bill that needs paying and you believe that you do not have the money, another human construct, to pay the bill, never think in terms of “I want the money to pay this bill”, but rather “I have the money to pay this bill effortlessly”. Bringing this statement into the present tense rather then a future statement of lack will cause the means by which the bill can be paid to manifest into your reality, and the bill will be paid in full.

Please always keep in Mind; the Universe always delivers in absolute accordance with your thoughts; there are no exceptions to these Laws. Again, “I might succeed at this objective” implies never “actually” succeeding. The “might” places the success into the indefinite and infinite range of possibilities and never as an actuality. So “I might succeed with this objective” should become “I am enjoying complete success with this objective”, and that success will then become your reality as that vibration of Universal Energy has its effect.

In summary, always think in terms of the present tense, and always remember those words “I Am”, using them all the time in the context of the reality you wish to create for yourself. In the next chapters of this book we will deal with consciously creating your own reality, an extremely important aspect of which is recognition of the Eternal Now. Creating your own reality is an ongoing, joyous and productive life, not just something to “do” when it suits you or to conform to the demands of others, vanity or ego. Those who understand and consciously apply these facts to their lives will be richly rewarded with health, wealth and happiness to the exact extent of the focus of the thoughts that created the same reality.

In the next chapter we will discuss in great depth The Law of Attraction, and aspect of Causation, the law of Cause and Effect, that once, fully understood and practiced, which is well within the abilities of everyone, will enable you to attract into your physical life absolutely anything you could wish for, desire or need, thus enabling you to live a life of complete abundance, joy and fulfilment.

Adrian Cooper is the author of “Our Ultimate Reality, Life, the Universe and the Destiny of Mankind”

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