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Find $50,000 and the Meaning of Life!

By Pete Bisonette,
Author of
Breakfast Tea & Bourbon

Listen to the surprising treasure novel "Breakfast Tea & Bourbon" in a free online event so you can find the $50,000 treasure while supercharging your financial abundance.

Woven within the story are hints and clues that will lead you to the treasure. Find the treasure and be awarded $50,000 plus $5,000 for your favorite charity plus 100 bottles of Lido Bay wine for your massive celebration!

And you get to listen to a 6-day audio presentation of the full book along with a selection of abundance-packing Paraliminals. It is a week of outer treasure and inner treasure.

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Here's what you will experience

Each day, for six days, the audio version of the book's chapters will be released online for your listening pleasure.

Day 1 – February 27
Finding Treasure: Expect abundance around every corner

Introduction, Your Treasure Hunt (The Introduction will be available every day)
Chapter 1, A Booze of Contemplation
Chapter 2, A Stack of Clues
Chapter 3, Driving the Beast

Day 2 – February 28
Prosperity: Draw abundance and prosperity into any area of your life

Chapter 4, Persian Blues
Chapter 5, Falling Apples
Chapter 6, The Banishment
Chapter 7, Continual Smelling of the Roses
Chapter 8, Moms on Strike
Chapter 9, My Froggy is Named Nelson

Day 3 – March 1
Abundant Money Mindset: Move beyond limits and build financial strength

Chapter 10, Batwing, Bowtie, and Butterfly Inversions
Chapter 11, It Leads You to the Golden Ring
Chapter 12, It Dawned on Me
Chapter 13, Do You Have a Compass
Chapter 14, The Spy Who Drinks Chardonnay

Day 4 – March 2
Seeing the Unseen: Uncover new answers, insights, and ideas

Chapter 15, Jus de Pomme de Terre
Chapter 16, Stations of the Frogs
Chapter 17, Made Fresh Each Morning
Chapter 18, The Butterscotch Clipper
Chapter 19, Gru-worthy
Chapter 20, Invoking the Law of Attraction

Day 5 – March 3
Living the Law of Attracion: Consistently attract the good, positive, and extraordinary

Chapter 21, A Streak of White Lace
Chapter 22, Hodaddy Tsktsk
Chapter 23, %@&$$!*#
Chapter 24, My Froggy

Day 6 – March 4
Finding Treasure: Expect abundance around every corner

Chapter 25, Wily, Crafty, and Downright Clever
Chapter 26, Ball-peen Dings
Chapter 27, In Our Nature
Chapter 28, Sudden Illumination of Joy
There is no charge for this never-before worldwide event.

MindTrip MagazineEach day you'll have unlimited access to a different Paraliminal to help you find abundance in your life.

The Paraliminals, created by Paul R. Scheele, will help stimulate your nonconscious mind for full-out prosperity…and may help you find the treasure. Simply listen with headphones, close your eyes, and let the Paraliminal massage your inner mind for great new results.

And now it is your turn to enjoy the audiobook of Breakfast Tea & Bourbon in the worldwide Finding Treasure event. Get your free pass here. And...just maybe $50,000 will be yours!


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