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Genius Mindfest - Electrify your "Inner Mind" for Unshakeable Success

The mind is infinitely capable. Amazingly capable. You can harness this power for a year of great accomplishments and peak experiences.

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It will not cost you anything to power your "nonconscious" mind into the new year.

During the six days after Christmas, Learning Strategies' Paul Scheele, master of the genius mind, will guide you free of charge to use your mind so you can:

* Process information at lightning speed…
* Channel the potency of emotions toward your goals…
* Develop your gifts, talents, and skills to levels of profound mastery…

And more…

* Let go of always having to left-brain it…
* Learn faster and quicker—even as you age…
* Get along with anyone and get their support for all your endeavors…

What a great way to start out the year! A free, 6-day online event. You will breath fresh energy into your life for a spectacular 2018.

Paul's Genius Mindfest will help you use your inborn and limitless resources to achieve your goals, hopes, and dreams. Personally, professionally, spiritually. He knows your mind is here to support you. He knows you are brighter than you think. And Paul will help you access your full potential.

12 Fascinating Topics, 12 Breakthrough Sessions.

Imagery of Your Genius
Paul will show you how to use imagery from your ideal future where your hopes and dreams are alive and fulfilled. You'll discover an amazing process to receive guidance that allows you to step into that future (perhaps even a better future) to achieve what you want, to live your ideal life.

Sustaining Behaviors / Creating Habits
How can you sustain behaviors that support your goals and turn these behaviors into real habits?
Paul shares his time-proven secrets so your behaviors serve you long into the future. You will get the exact strategies to keep connected with your genius mind so you can model success and live successfully.

Accelerate the Learning of Anything
You are designed to be an effortless learning machine.
In this session you will experience Paul's strategies to help you capitalize on the genius capabilities of your mind for on-demand learning.

Dream Programming / Sleep Learning
Dreams are powerful bridges between the treadmill of daily life and your mighty nonconscious. They are unlimited resources of accelerated learning waiting for your direction, your query, your issue, your desire.

In this session you will learn the simplest way developed by Paul over the past thirty-plus years to use your sleep time to your full advantage while getting a great night's sleep.

Accessing, Trusting, Following Intuition
Intuition—those powerful messages coming from your genius mind—is potent. Some of the world's greatest discoveries and most far-reaching decisions have come from people following their intuition.
In this session you get Paul's greatest insights into intuition and ways to develop, access, trust, and follow your own intuition.

Experience it for yourself beginning on Monday, December 26. Click Here to get your free pass!

Communicate Through Hypnosis
If you knew what a professional hypnotist knew, wouldn't you be a better communicator? Paul is one of the best hypnotists in the world today. His understanding of communicating with the nonconscious is second to none.

In this session you'll learn the top tricks and techniques for accessing your genius mind as well as reaching others for a better connection.

Remove Self-doubt, Worry, and Anxiety
When you think about what stops you most, you are likely to come up with 1) self-doubt, 2) worry, and 3) anxiety. These are the showstoppers of life. No matter how accomplished you may be, it is a bear to continue your string of achievements without the showstoppers peaking from behind the curtains.

In this session you will learn the most powerful way to direct your nonconscious mind to remove them once and for all.

Physiology of Genius
The phrase "Sit up straight, eyes forward, shoulders back" gives keen insight into one of the most powerful ways to instantly change your mental and emotional state: use your body.

Paul will teach you how to use your body to tap into powerful states of excellence. You'll be able to use this technique in nearly any circumstance including when you need to ask someone for a favor, write a report, give a speech, influence anyone, brainstorm a breakthrough, solve a problem, meet a leader in your field…it does not matter.

Success Buttons
At the push of an imaginary button, you can rally all of your internal resources and strengths so you rise above limitations and hesitancies to perform with utmost excellence.
Paul knows how to install that imaginary button so that it becomes real and useful for you.

Relationships of Genius
If you cannot get along with others… If you cannot love others as you love yourself… If you cannot share your life with others…You're in for a tough, brain-shrinking, not-so-satisfying life.

Paul will share the genius behind relationships in this session. He'll show yow to rally the resources of your genius mind to build safe and rewarding relationships with others. He'll give you practical insights for relating to folks at work, he'll help you nurture love in your family, and he'll help you find and ever-bubbling love in that special someone.

Everyday Abundance
We know that money isn't everything. We also know that money is a powerful force in our world.
Paul will focus this session on helping to focus your genius mind on bringing more money into your life.

Palm Reading
This is PhotoReading taken to the next level. In this session you will learn to gather information directly from books through the palm of your hand. Now before you roll your eyes, ask yourself,
"What if this really is possible? If Palm Reading is possible, what else is possible?"

Come to this session with an open mind. Try it. See how it might work for you. It will help you realize how infinitely capable and extraordinarily talented you are.

Get your Free Pass today. We've been in business since 1981 helping people like you maximize your potential, and now we are here to help you improve your life...for free.

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