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How To Create A Magickal Wingman That Gets You Laid

By Shango Rei, Author of Get It In: Rapid Result Magick Rituals for Seduction, Sexual Attraction and Power

Here is a simple question: Do You Want More Sex?

Maybe you have been in a "drought" sexually speaking. Or perhaps, you do have an active sex life, but you keep feeling deep down, that it can be so much better.

What do you do if you desire more choice, power and fun when it comes to your sex life? Well my friend, have you thought about hedging your probabilities with Magick?

Yes it can sound far fetched to some, but maybe you are the adventurous type of person who would like to see for yourself, that Magick, indeed, CAN begin a sequence of events that get you sexed the hell up.

In this article, I Am going to lay out how you can create your own magickal wingman that will assist you in getting the kind of sex you truly desire. I will also be including a link to my video tutorial from my book Get It In: Rapid Result Magick Rituals For Seduction, Sexual Attraction And Power. Just so there is NO stone left unturned. Let us...Get It IN....shall we? Please remember, in all of this, HAVE FUN!! Take on a playful attitude and you will see for yourself.

What,When And How Does Your Magickal Wingman Do What It Does?

First thing you want to do is allow your imagination to run wild. Get a piece of paper. Before we can create our wingman, we must first choose what it's function is. What does it do? How does it do it? WHEN...does it do it? These are important questions.

You must get clear and specific on it's function. For example, maybe your wingman goes before you into any venue or place and scans the people you would most be interested in. Maybe one of your wingmans functions is to scan the intended targets as to weed out the crazies, etc. How does your wingman alert you that someone is interested? Does your wingman also bring the desired person TO YOU? Your wingman can possibly give you some physical response that you predetermine to indicate that who you are interested in is indeed interested in you. An examle could be an itching in your palm.

Your magickal wingman can possibly get the target to make extended eye contact with you as an indication as well. The possibilities are endless. Keep in mind, as you begin a working relationship with your wingman, you can also make alterations in it's functions and protocols. Nothing is set in stone.

What Does Your Wingman Eat?

Next, you must choose what/how your wingman will feed. What we are doing is creating a thoughtform entity. If properly created and fed it will develop it's own consciousness. If the thought of creating your own entity scares you, relax, you have already created your own entites already.

From imaginary friends to those thoughtforms that tell you what you can and can't do are all examples of unconscious thoughtforms. We are creating with purpose and intent here. Now, a thoughtform, like yourself, needs sustenance. It needs a fuel source. It needs to eat so it can serve you. Some people make thoughtforms which they must feed. Almost like a pet. I used to create them that way myself.

THEN I had an epiphany: WHY NOT MAKE IT'S FOOD SOURCE IT'S FUNCTION??? Meaning, that my thoughtform's food source is the function it is supposed to perform. So the more it does what it is supposed to do, the more it gets fed. The more it gets fed, the more it does what it's supposed to do. In addition, my wingman also gets WELL fed whenever I facilitate a woman into orgasmic bliss. Your only limit is your imagination. Write down it's intended food source on your paper.

Statement Of Intent, Symbol and Name

Now you will create what is called a "statement of intent". You are going to take all the attributes and functions and compile them in to one statement.

For example, "I am now creating a magickal wingman who attracts to me and screens the women/men I desire most, my wingman alerts me through an itch in my left palm and also can cause my target to make extended eye contact with me. My wingman is always active and on call."

Now this is just a brief and general example. Once you are done and satisfied with your statement of intent, You are going to create a what is called a sigil. A sigil is a symbol created out of the letters of your statement of intent. There are ample videos on youtube about how to create a sigil. Please look them up as im not going to go into that process in this article, so I can keep this article concise. In addition to the symbol you will create with the letters of your statement of intent, you can also create it's name from these letters, or you can name it something else if so inspired. Just make sure the name you choose has no pre-existing meanings or emotional charges to you.

It Needs A Home

So now you've got the name, the statement of intent and a symbol for your wingman, now it needs a physical housing. You can create one or consecrate one. What I mean is, take me for example, I bought some clay and made mine out of clay. You don't have to make one. You can consecrate the housing for your thoughtform. You could use a little doll or statue. It can be an object that somehow corresponds with your thoughtforms purpose and function TO YOU. As long as it holds the meaning to you, you can use it. I knew a guy who used a condom. He blew it up,(breathed life into it! lol) drew a face on it, drew it's symbol on it and voila! Use your imagination.

Give It Life

The final step, is putting it all together and give it life. This process is also called "charging up" your little friend. You are actually about to give life to this thang. There are a few ways to do it.

First get relaxed with your Wingmans housing in front of you. Take a few deep breathes. With every exhale imagine you are breathing out all the tension in your body. Now imagine your wingman floating in front of you. Keep breathing. And now imagine every breathe is breathing life into your wingman. Visualize your wingman starting to glow with every exhale...brighter and brighter. Do this for about 3 minutes. Now point at your wingman. Call it's name. Speak to it, out loud preferably.

MindTrip MagazineCommand your wingman on what to do and when you want it to do it. Tell it how it is to feed. Keep breathing life into it. If you have a problem visualizing, that is ok, just get a sense that your wingman is there, listening and awaiting your command. You can talk to it as well. In fact I suggest it. Do not underestimate the power of your attention. Sit with your creation until you feel it is done. Command your wingman to go forth.

Pay Attention

Now you just got to pay attention. When you go somewhere, pay attention to how you feel. Pay attention to who may be paying attention to you. And MOST of all, HAVE FUN! If you would like a more in-depth explanation of this process, check out my video tutorial here...


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