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How to Get Everything You Want in Life
with the Power of Persuasion

Source: How to Be an Expert Persuader

There's only one sure way to get anything you want in life... and that is with the cooperation of other people.

Without the cooperation of others, you'd never get a job, go out on a date, or have any friends. In order to gain cooperation, you have to use persuasion to get it.

Most people try to persuade others by rationalizing with them. Doesn't always work. Sometimes they try to argue with someone to get what they want. That won't work.

But smart people learn something about the art of persuasion and learn to give the other person something valuable in the exchange.

A friend of mine, Michael Lee, has created a breakthrough course titled
"How To Be An Expert Persuader.. In 20 Days Or Less" and I have to say, it is phenomenal!

Michael has such a wonderful writing style. As you go through his course, you get the feeling that he is right there with you, guiding you gently through the material.

I think that part of this comes from Michael's sincere honesty. He doesn't try to overpower you with his credentials like so many false guru wanna-be's out there.

He's very up front with the fact that he started out right where you are now, afraid of everything, easily taken advantage of, with almost no self-confidence at all.

When you reach the end of Michael's course, you find that you've learned so much, and you now have the confidence to put into practice everything he's taught you.

Most authors seem to throw information at you, and while you realize that it's good information, you have no idea how to put it into use.

Not so with Michael's product. Everything that you read and listen here is easily understood... you seem to automatically know how to use the information given to you.

And such high-quality information too! Michael's power-packed course talks about some things that I haven't seen in any product or seminar on persuasion. Things like:

  • Self-programming affirmations to turn you into a persuasion power-house.
  • A powerful relaxation exercise to give added punch to your persuasion efforts.
  • How to develop magnetic charisma power.
  • One word that magically makes people like you.
  • The one secret to successful selling that most sales professionals don't know.
  • How to get your prospect to sell themselves.
  • How to find (or create) a magic button that compells someone to give you what you want.
  • and much, much more!


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