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Free Guided Meditation:
How to Get Whatever You Want

Secret of Deliberate CreationBy Robert Anthony, Ph.D
Creator of The Secret of Deliberate Creation

Here is a simple and fast guided visualization that will help you get whatever you want. Just pick the next goal you wish to accomplish and let the guided audio do the rest. This simple 12-minute mind programming technique done every day will magically attract what you want. The only way this method will not work is if you stop using it.



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Also by Dr. Robert Anthony: How to Create Exactly What You Want

The Secret of Deliberate Creation

There is a secret to an endless source of money, power, and love in your life...

HERE IS THE SECRET: You will experience in your life what you cause yourself, or others, to experience. Not only that, but whatever you cause yourself or others to experience will come back to you multiplied and increased.

That is all you need to know! Understand this simple concept and you will be richly rewarded with a satisfying life.

How is this done? Learn more at The Secret of Deliberate Creation