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Attain Internal Godhood in 5 Easy Steps

By Thad McKraken / Source: Disinformation

Okay, this article's title about internal godhood being easy is total clickbait horseshit. I just wanted to get your lazy ass to read the article. Maybe I should have thrown a picture of bikini tits up there or a dude with a six pack or something about how you can get into heaven by sending me money (which I'm pretty sure would actually work).

But this article is about Occult spirituality, and the bad news on that front is that everything involved with the Occult is complicated beyond any human being's capacity for comprehension by its very nature.

The multiverse of consciousness is not just stranger than we imagine it to be, it's stranger than we can imagine it to be. But don't let that sobering reality get you down, with a little bit of effort you can be well on your way to fucking with your own head until what's currently considered impossible becomes quite deliciously "real". From there your rejection of consumerist cultural norms and traditions is inevitable, which would bring me to my next point.

This is all stuff that's been imparted on me from the great beyond by means of focused internal meditation, so you can take from it whatever you want. I'd be able to dismiss it as crazy if a lot of it didn't make good practical sense. It gets even weirder when you do a little research and figure out you're person number four million or so who's run into this sort of calculated derangement throughout known history. Go read Robert Anton Wilson's Cosmic Trigger if you don't believe me.

In the Occult there's a term for this internal discourse called "knowledge and conversation with your Holy Guardian Angel" and I'll get to that in a second, but first let me touch on a lesson plan that slipped through the ether from realms hitherto unknown recently. A few months back, in an intentionally induced state of pot intoxication the words "New Models, New Outcomes" reverberated through my psychic headspace, accompanied by playful visions of mock corporate graphic design echoing the theme.

It's impossible to relate how large chunks of intuitive understanding are imparted in states such as these, but there was an immediate understanding in regards to what this seemingly cryptic message meant, and of course it goes in tune with a continuum of other prior inter-related trance communique. Of course. What we're seeing right now in human history is the "complete failure of consumerism". When the dialogue with eternity opened, that's one of the first things "they" told me. If you were paying attention to alien contactee phenomenon throughout the years, you might have noticed that one of the most common themes telepathically beamed into these people's souls involves the dangers of environmental devastation, and look, here we are. Yeah, pretty much seems like we've fucked up on that front and it's something we're not going to be able to run from much longer. Maybe another lifetime optimistically? See what I mean about this supposedly crazy shit often making good practical sense?

So, the model of trying to buy contentment through material products is going to fail you say? But what will we turn to? Glad you asked. For as long as we can remember trying to be a privileged rich person has basically been the primary goal of almost every aspiring wage slave, and look where that's gotten us? Now, this drive to supposedly better the well being of yourself and your genetic lineage financially at the expense of the greater whole comes from materialism when you get right down to brass tacks, doesn't it? When all you see is the material world, your goals might just revolve around raping it, which is sort of the hole we've dug. Now, the Occult looks at the entire human condition as but a small blip in a vast multitude of larger connected realities. We're on the bottom of a multi-tiered totem pole, and therefore the goal is to transcend humanity and achieve something greater. Homo Universalis. Rather than aspiring to become a billionaire, aspiring to become a god. But how would I accomplish such a thing you ask? How convenient, it's like you read the title of the article where I hinted at the promise of a subversive how-to listicle.

Step One: Ontological Shock

Let's start with the good news. Step one is the easiest and probably attainable to nearly anyone who puts any sort of real effort into it. The idea that multiple dimensions of thought have any sort of "reality" goes directly against an embedded binary thought pattern regarding the importance of categorizing all perception into the realms of "real" or "not real". This exists in the linguistic operating system of all of our minds on a primal level. It's been implanted there hypnotically since birth by verbal infection as a mechanism of order, so you'll need to shock it into oblivion.

I'm not going to lie, the best way to do this with the least amount of effort is by ingesting psychedelic drugs ritualistically. There are of course other methods but LSD, Psilocybin, and DMT offer such quick and potent means to plant a bomb in the deepest seeds of your imagination. Detonate your headspace in focused explosions of divine madness. Now, the use of these sacred substances increases in efficacy depending on the set and setting in which you take them, so if you've never indulged before, my recommendation would be to pre-hypnotize yourself by reading up on the alternative spiritual practices of antiquity.

Read (or re-read) the aforementioned Cosmic Trigger. Bust out some Castaneda. Watch The Mindscape of Alan Moore. Dig on Supernatural by Graham Hancock. Then plan your trip with the intention of creating a state of ontological shock deep within you. If you're too squeamish for psychedelic freak outs because of drug hysteria, try astral projection. It involves reading books and then meditating while listening to tapes. Just be warned, shit can get JUST as super freaky, if not more.

Step Two: Submission to a Higher Order of Knowing

Remember when I said pursuing this internal godhood shit was tough? My guess is that maybe three percent of aspiring mystics ever manage to accomplish this next step but hey, you've still got better odds of making it happen than playing in the NBA, so it's not like you shouldn't try. How do you do it? I honestly couldn't tell you. In my world some sort of guardian spirit showed up in my room, clapped its hands twice as if to awaken me from a trance, and something deep within me snapped. So, I can tell you what you're going for here, but in my world forces behind the veil took control and forced the issue and as such I'm not much help in regards to recommending technique.

Before this happened I'd been struggling for nearly a decade with the things I'd encountered in my inner world after experimenting with astral projection and discontinuing the practice in terror. If you lived thousands of years ago you probably grew up with thinking that the earth was flat even if you had a profound suspicion that wasn't the case. Where does that horizon end exactly? Despite being entirely right, there'd be a nagging self doubt that came from spending all of your time in the company of those passionately defending a quite contradictory cosmology. But at one point someone has to act in opposition to primitive ideologies. The idea itself has to be proven wrong for the dominant philosophy to collapse.

And that's what submission to a higher order of knowing is all about. Getting to the point where you don't believe in the old regime anymore. Re-contextualizing the universe as being comprised from consciousness rather than matter and acting accordingly. When matter is a construct of consciousness, anything is possible, even pulling us out of the imminent death spiral we seem to be collectively attracted to. Death is only the beginning. New Models, New Outcomes. Again, getting to this point is easier said than done. When it happened to me, I was told to start practicing magick, so if I were to wager a guess, tooling around with psychedelic sex magick would probably be as good a bet as any as to how to get there.

Step Three: Knowledge and Conversation with your Holy Guardian Angel

When I first started dabbling in magick, I had this thing going down in my unconscious states where these beings, who I started referring to as hypnagogic light entities were installing updates into my soul structure at speeds which far outstripped my perceptual limitations. One night, they seemed rather proud of themselves, as if they'd built a sort of 5th dimensional translation device which converted telepathy into primitive monkey speak, or something to that effect. Where this gets even more hilarious is that it took quite a while for me to figure out what was going on exactly. Again, the idea of hearing voices in your head is supposed to get filed quite specifically into the realm of batshit insane by the western mind and that's where I found myself filing it.

Eventually I came to realize that I can put myself into a focused trance nearly at will to induce this otherworldly galactic dialogue. Again, I'd be able to dismiss it as crazy if whatever part of me I was communicating with didn't continually demonstrate to me that it possessed a knowledge of the world I exist in which extends far beyond my own. Psychic dreams? Pre-Cognition? Check and check. There's only so many times this can happen to you before you realize taking the oppositional viewpoint regarding the supposed legitimacy of these matters is a fool's errand, a lazy cop out. You've got to confront the voices head on.

What's it like? Well, not long ago I had a vision spontaneously implant itself into me during one of these little sessions. It was a classic depiction of a grey alien face with the tagline "Lost? Find us" which was followed by a procession of rapidly mutating hive mind psych art. And that'd be the best way I could sum up my experiences conversing with my Holy Guardian Angel. You're lost in a video game. You hit the start button and menu screen pops up with a vast array of narrative plot options and hints. It's like that's going on in your head. "Lost? Find us." Take a step back and look at the map. Hit the start button. New Models, New Outcomes.

Step Four: Communion with your Holy Guardian Angel

Up until 2012, I had zero idea what the next step in this heavenly procession to godhood was, but then I did a rather focused auditory acid ritual pretty early on in the year. As I was doing so, it occurred to me that this ritual would probably have repercussions in terms of my spiritual development that I wasn't remotely conceptualizing while throwing myself into it headfirst without a ton of consideration on that front. Sure enough, about a week later, a spirit form showed up in a hypnagogic state, lasciviously molesting me while projecting images of my naked wife directly into my head. It tried to pull me out of my body and on high, but when I recoiled away in terror instinctually, it projected the phrase "communion with your Holy Guardian Angel" into my spirit telepathically. There was an understanding. As a matter of fact, while experimenting with astral projection about 15 years prior, I was pulled out of my body while requesting assistance and pulled into what I can best refer to as a psychic sky temple. There, various versions of myself taught me several lesson plans in regards to the nature of the higher realms. Some people get abducted by aliens, I got abducted by me. One of the things it imparted on me involved the capacity of human language to quite literally create conscious experience, and here I am, trying to fuck with the internal operating system of your mind. At the time I didn't believe what I was telling myself at all.

So how would you make this sort of encounter repeatable? I wish I could tell you. There was a period after that ritual where they continually tried to carry me skyward and they still do occasionally, but every time I get so freaked out that the fear impulse jerks me back into the corporeal quite forcefully. It's a process that they're attempting to ease me into a little better. I'm not sure if I'll ever get there but you know, rather than get rich or die trying, attain internal godhood or die trying.

Step 5: Attaining Willful Fifth Dimensional Perception? Being Able to Oscillate Through Fourth and Fifth Dimensional States at Will? Transcending Cycles of Death and Rebirth? Immanentizing the Eschaton?

Here's the part where I admit that I have exactly zero fucking clue. I've been shown that this Holy Guardian Angel part of myself sees all of human reality throughout history as a singular shining orb. It's all happening simultaneously to them\me like a developing sun. We're all made of soul stuff after all. But man, if you were paying attention, I don't even have the fourth step nailed down yet. I'm sure when and if I master all that freaky jazz I'll be pointed in the right direction. Until then, your guess is as good as mine. Fill me in with speculative weirdness or experiential direction points in the comments, just keep in mind that the further you get into this stuff, the bigger it gets. So is the nature of the perceptual infinity.

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