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The Ultimate Success Hangout

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If one of the world's top personal growth coaches called you right now...

And invited you for coffee with a group of her most successful friends...

Each one determined to find out what's holding you back, so they can help you get to where you SO want to be in life right now...

Would you make time for them?

Well unless you know them personally, the chances of that happening are close to zero.

But today is an exception!

Because at 6pm PT on Thursday (October 20th) my friend Natalie Ledwell, the founder of Mind Movies - one of the biggest personal growth movements in the world - wants you on her live virtual hangout with three of the world's TOP peak performance experts.

Okay, so you won't get any coffee.

But you WILL get an intimate session with a group of extraordinary teachers who will help you take inspired action towards your goals…

Feast your eyes on this lineup - it's like the Oscars of personal growth :-)

* Bob Doyle on the fastest & easiest way to find your passion: discover why the conventional approach to finding your passion is wrong, and what you must really do to find what makes your heart sing.

* John Assaraf on the thoughts and language for success: are your daily thoughts and words causing you to receive success and abundance, or reject it? John shares a scientifically proven method to optimize yours.

* Sonia Ricotti on how to overcome ANY challenge: just follow Sonia's surprisingly simple step-by-step game plan to soar above even the most stubborn career, financial, relationship or health challenge that comes your way.

All you need is to sit at the (virtual) table with your speakers (or headphones) and a stable internet connection:

Click here to access The Ultimate Success Hangout virtual session!

WARNING: As this is being hosted live, spots are very LIMITED! So don’t wait on this - place your name on one right now!



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