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9 Fun Ways to Boost Your Happiness and Increase Your Passion

By Lucy Liu,
Creator of
Optimal Health Solutions

Your happiness is increased by your passion. Gabriel Garcia once said “No medicine cures what happiness cannot.” Passion, on the other hand, is the fuel for happiness and the source of our finest moments. Passion intensifies your life experience of any moment and inspires you to fight for your happiness. Passion also encourages you to pursue your dreams and live a happier and more fulfilled life. That's what we all want in life, isn't it?

In order to remain happy with your life takes maintenance work. However, there are a few things you can do that don't take much time or energy but give you plenty of pleasure, such as visiting a musical theater, reading books about history, writing, painting, camping, or learning a new language. It depends on the person and what they like in life, some people just don’t have the time to pursue what they want or what they like in their leisure time, that is perhaps one of the reasons that they feel happiness is out of reach.

How to boost your happiness and passion in fun ways? Here are a few tips. Doing some or all of these things can increase your happiness and passion for life. They don't take much energy but give you back joy and good will. You can also share your feelings with family, friends and even strangers, happiness is contagious, the more you share, the more happiness will return to you.

1. Set a goal to increase happiness and go for it: Happy people make things happen.

That means if you seek new triumphs or successes you'll gain happy thoughts and feelings. According to Sonja Lyubomirsky, “Happy people do not just sit around being contented. They make things happen." By creating opportunities to solve problems that are on your way to reaching your goals. You take away the uncomfortable feelings that make you unhappy. Setting goals and taking initiatives will increase your feelings of happiness and contentment.

When you tie it with a goal, you will feel that your passion is sinking into your actions and becomes the endless fuel to boost you up every day. If you want to lose weight and you feel a lack of motivation to go to the gym every day. What about turning up the music and dancing or walking on the beach or strolling in a forest? While you are in a forest, let all your senses come alive: the air is so moist and fresh, the breeze massages your face and the birds are singing, you feel very peaceful with mental tranquility, maybe coming up your next big ideas.

2. Take a walk in the sun: The sun makes almost everyone happy.

A thirty-minute exposure gives you enough vitamin D to get you through half a week. Vitamin D not only absorbs calcium and promotes bone growth, but it also releases hormones that boost your immune system and the neuromuscular system. It plays a major role in cell growth, which in turn gives you a healthy feeling. Happiness cannot live without a healthy body. A pill is no substitute for the sun.

365 Daily Enlightenment3. Explore something new every day!

Imagine how it feels like to think about the exciting adventures of the day ahead when you wake up each day. Let a new experience expand your horizon a little beyond where it was yesterday. In the journey of exploring new things, you may find something you're totally wild about! This could be pursuing a new hobby that draws you into it or taking interesting classes like how to play guitar or Zumba dance. Travel and explore new places and new culture are certainly exciting to most people. I love to read fiction and novels, they not only provide me with knowledge but also help me fantasize. When you learn something new every day, you're more likely to find new passions that you never knew existed within you.

What about trying a product that is new on the market? It gives you a whole new set of feelings to explore. They are actually happy feelings you might not have experienced for quite some time. It's like when you moved into your first apartment. It opens up your life to new understandings. Even if the product doesn't work, it gives you that sense of happiness you have something new. Did the last product you bought bring you passion and joy?

4. Challenge yourself and find a career that excites you: Do something you've never done before.

The challenge gives a new order to maintaining happy and passionate feelings. Doing the "same old, same old" everyday numbs the brain, dulls the senses and puts you in a comatose state where everything is a habit. Learning to do something other than the norm, enhances all your senses and brings a set accomplishment of a completed task. Well done!

Stepping outside your comfort zone will be uncomfortable at first. A good way to get used to the change is to do it little by little, once you get used to doing it, you'll wonder how you could've kept yourself so limited before. It could be simple things like visiting a new place or trying new foods in ethnic restaurants.

5. Take a break from the world: Find a new, comfortable place and put your life on hold.

Just for a few hours or a day, if you can. Grab a book, knitting, or just do something new. Leaving the world behind gives your body a chance to calm down and relax. Stress is a great killer of feelings, especially positive feelings. It wears down your ability to feel happy. Take a break for the day will let your hair down and ease the stress in your life. Taking a day off from the stress of everyday life will bring back the happiness you used to feel.

6. Give money or time away:

People who give their time or money to those who need it have a higher level of happiness over time than those who don't. Helping others, such as working at the local homeless shelters, drive the elderly around or even help at the animal shelter, will give you those warm, fuzzy feelings of helping others. Volunteering also increases self-confidence, combats depression, and lowers your mortality rate. You'll live longer by offering your time or money to help others, whichever suits you best. When you help others, it makes you feel better, you also feel happy when you're with the people you love. So, little things like talking to strangers can increase happiness.

7. Listen to your favorite music: Music will uplift your mood in no time.

Music also relaxes the mind and body as it helps to shed stress and tension. Take a 10-minute break every day to enjoy the music you like. Listening to high energy music also lifts the spirit and stimulates the mind.

8. Love what you do and do what you love:

Give your all to everything you do, whether it's at home or at work. Don’t forget to add fun goals in your goal settings like going to the zoo, visiting a new place, or meeting with some friends. Don't think or talk about work related issues in your fun time, just enjoy what you do at that moment. People who focus on "being" at the moment have a happier life. They embrace family and friends with a passion for uplifting their moods and giving themselves a happy feeling.

Most of us spend a good portion of our time at our workplace. Your job has a lot to do with your happiness. Therefore, it's important to enjoy what you do for a living! The truth is following your passion and success will follow you. Because your passion will drive you to excellence in your field, and your enthusiasm will be contagious to support your success! Your passion can also propel you to overcome obstacles by encouraging you to seek solutions and take inspired actions to make things happen. Your success will bring more happiness in your life.

9. Dream big!

The truth is bigger dreams carry greater passion! You are more excited about the possibilities in front of you if you take action to make them come true. Dreams ignite your passions and bring you the life filled with passion, happiness, and fulfillment!

Happiness and passion don’t come without a little bit of work. Life is too short to take everything so seriously. A person's happiness comes from passion. What is a passion to you, may not be to others. The point is to chase your own happiness before working on others. When you find what makes you happy, it fosters a social bond with others and gives you a purpose in your life, whether it's physical like rock climbing or mental like writing, something that is meaningful to you. Your passions can lead you to the long lasting and true happiness you're seeking in your life.

Conclusion: Life without passion is fatal!

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